August 5, 2011

Hellroaring Trailhead

Yellowstone River view
On our second full day, we headed for the Hellroaring Trailhead. 
Fireweed and Groundsel
? Duncecap Larkspur ?
We walked about a mile through beautiful wildflowers to the Hellroaring Bridge.
After crossing this suspension bridge over the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone, we hiked upstream along the Yellowstone River to a likely looking fishing spot.  The salmon fly hatch is an important July food supply for cutthroat trout.  The flies are up to 3 inches long.  To the trout, this is a full meal deal. 
The hatch was over in this area and most of the salmon flies were gone, but the fish still showed considerable interest in an imitation. 
This Yellowstone cutthroat trout was one of many that Steve caught and released that day. 
Hiking the 3 miles or so back to the trailhead, we came upon an antler shed by an elk.  We took a photo and left the antler there for the next hiker to find.


  1. love the cool for yall to leave behind for others to experience....

  2. What a beautiful hike! I adore the wildflowers. I wish everyone was as conscientious* as the two of you with nature!
    *If I spelled that right, it is a miracle.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous country to hike in. The flowers are vivid, that trout just shines, as does Steve, and that rack is Huge. What a great trip. Seeing peoples summer travels has inspired me to plan a fall trip in the SW.

  4. Wow, I love your photos. I too have found antlers. It's truly a natural amazing thing for elk to shed them. I think of loose teeth and how they fall out, do antlers become loose? LOL

  5. Oh wow, Janie, your photos of the wildflowers are beautiful. And the area you're hiking is awesome too. I love the antlers. Never knew that elk shed their antlers. Have a great weekend. Jo

  6. nice captures for both you and steve.

  7. The flowers up there look so fresh and green. they are not burnt by the sun like ours.
    Amazing landscape Janie!

  8. This is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing it. This is something I will never get an opportunity to see and I am loving living vicariously through you!

  9. You certainly had a scenic hike. The landscape and wildflowers are gorgeous. The antler was a neat find.

  10. Big water this year, it's great that the fish were looking up.
    Larkspur might be D.occidentale or D.glaucum?
    Glad you left the shed--I think it's illegal to take them from the Park.

  11. Hi Janie, Wow---great trout.... Too bad you couldn't keep that one... Good eating I'm sure!!!!

    We just must go to Yellowstone... It's so gorgeous there. Was it cold? I noticed that Steve was dressed like it was...

    We are having a wonderful birthday weekend...

  12. Great hike. The Lamar River and valley is a favorite of mine.

  13. So many beautiful wildflowers there! Beautiful trout too.

  14. A great hike and some excellent fishing. That is a beautiful trout.

  15. A great hike and some excellent fishing. That is a beautiful trout.

  16. This was one of the hikes we wanted to do and we just ran out of time. The bridge looks fun!



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