Janie and Steve

Here we are, crossing Black's Fork on one of our many rides in the High Uintas.
About us:
*Lifelong scribbler and blogger as time permits.
*Wife of the maniacally active Steve.
*Mother of two sons and a daughter, all extraordinarily talented, of course.
*World's proudest grandma to 9 adorable kiddos.
*Foster mom to the hilee-gifted Daisy Mae, an exuberant yellow lab.
*Favorite caretaker of three super trail horses, Mischief, CeeCee, and Salsa.
*General flunky around our home and barn.
*Retired and loving it
*Enthusiastic fisherman, naturalist, horseback adventurer, and hiker
*Author of the trail guide, Utah Rough Rides
*Dad to 3
*Granddad to 9
*Janie’s best friend


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