July 20, 2015

Exercise Run

One of our sons wanted a real hike during his visit.  Here he is climbing above the city on the Cherry Canyon Trail.
We cheated and rode our horses for the 4400 feet of altitude gain.
The wildflowers were spectacular.
We rode/hiked all the way to just below the rocky cliffs of Lone Peak.   
On another day, we rode in Box Elder canyon in the Stansbury Mountains and found this little gem.
It's a tiny columbine, called a Shooting Star Columbine, Aquilegia elegantula.  We had never seen one growing in the wild before. Nature is a wonder, always providing something new.

July 19, 2015

Fun with Family

We've had a busy summer so far, highlighted by a visit with kids and grandkids.
White Pine, Little Cottonwood Canyon
We hiked.

white pine, Little Cottonwood Canyon
Hike to The Notch, off Mirror Lake highway
Lunch at The Notch
Janie and Steve, The Notch
Took lots of photos.
Provo River, Mirror Lake Highway
Went fishing,

Played some basketball.

And bonded around the barn. The grandkids seemed to enjoy doing a few farm chores, riding on Mischief, and feeding treats to Boss and Coco.
Fortunately, our new house is roomy enough for all, with the great outdoors providing plenty of activities.


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