January 11, 2013

Snow Boss

Here's how our Snow Boss looked this morning when big flakes were falling fast.  A few minutes later, he ran off bucking and snorting.  The horses actually seem to enjoy the snow and cold.  They rarely bother getting in their barn. 
It's been very cold around here.  For the next week, highs will be in the single digits, lows about negative 20 F.  Brrr. 
We went cross country skiing last week on a sunny day at a little higher altitude. 
With an inversion (cold air sinks to the lowest point) going on in the Uinta Basin, the higher elevations are actually warmer. 
Mostly, we've been chilling, just like the starlings perched among the icicles on the apple tree,
or the finches hanging out near the feeder. 
Sometimes the starlings crouch on the horses' backs, gathering a little warmth from thick fur and body heat. 
Pheasant have taken up residence along our creek this year.  A colorful male makes the rounds beneath the bird feeder each morning, pecking at fallen seeds.  Wisely, he stays outside Daisy's dog fence.  No point in tempting fate.   

January 1, 2013

Snow Trails

We spent the holidays with family, enjoying plenty of Utah snow.  All the critters enjoyed a chilly romp.
Our daughter and son-in-law braved the trails carrying a couple of adventurers-in-training. 
One son and daughter-in-law headed out on cross country skis. 
Back at home, a couple of kiddos practiced their driving skills. 
One did some early morning shopping.
We played games, made gingerbread sleighs, went sledding, shared gifts, and generally had a fine time. 
I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays as much as we did. 
Happy New Year to all! 


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