February 1, 2013

Peafowl Showoffs

What do you call a group of peafowl? 
An "ostentation" or a "pride", according to the San Diego Zoo.  Makes sense, given their reputation for vanity. 
The pair hanging out on a hay bale in our neighbor's barn seem more worried about warmth than ostentation, but that's probably because the temperature was no more than 10 F when the photo was taken.
Remember the escaped goats that attracted equine attention a few weeks ago?  Here they are, appropriately contained.  No more Houdini acts for them!
The first calves are already on the ground. 
We're warming up around here, but not in any great hurry.  We've had some crystal clear days since the last storm blew through. 
Daisy loves going out to chase rabbits or sniff for rodents, no matter the weather. 
I've spent most of January digitalizing 40 years worth of photos using one very slow scanner.  Steve has been busy planning rides.  Only a few more weeks and we'll be back to riding weather.
Meanwhile, we're chilling and dreaming of warm sunny days on the trail.


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