August 2, 2015

Shingle Creek and Tibble Fork

East Shingle Creek Lake

Shingle Creek is one of the trails on the Mirror Lake Highway.  The trail is mostly through forest.  In late July, the wildflowers are spectacular, lining the trail. East Shingle Creek Lake, shown above, is a popular destination with hikers and fishermen.  
The Tibble Fork trailhead is in American Fork Canyon, only about 30 minutes from where we live.  There are a lot of branching trails and plenty of possibilites for future exploration.
In places, the grass and flowers were head high as we rode along the trail.
Boss found some tasty thistle to enjoy.  He bites off the flowers very carefully to avoid the prickly leaves.
From the highest point on the Ridge Trail (10,000 ft), we had a view of Deer Creek Reservoir and Heber City, 4000 ft below
Much of the trail was forested, but the mountain views were spectacular in any open area.
One downside for horsemen:  motorcycles are allowed on some of these trails.  At one point, a motorcycle came skidding down a hill and screeched to a halt just in front of Coco.  Luckily, Coco had the good sense to stand stock still, just watching the show.  Another horse might get a teensy bit excited.
We plan to go back soon and explore other trail possibilities.  Good news for Daisy - dogs are allowed.  We'll bring her next time.


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