March 30, 2014

Tabby Mountain Wildlife

While riding on Tabby, a herd of perhaps a hundred elk was proceeding us up the mountain.  We weren't trying to follow them, but they seemed to be taking the same path.
Steve took a video of the elk herd while mounted on Boss, which makes the viewing a bit unsteady.  He says in the video that the date is April 28, but it's really taken on March 28. 
You may be able to spot the herd of deer on the near hill.  They, too, were heading away from us.   
When we're not riding, we spend time with the grandkids on the Wasatch front.  Here's Steve with our youngest grandson, enjoying a day at the park.

March 26, 2014

Spring Training

We see plenty of wildlife on Tabby Mountain WMA (Wildlife Management Area).  The area, about 100 square miles, is gated and closed to vehicular traffic from December 1 to May 1. 
We often see large herds of deer and elk on Tabby.  
Last week we saw a moose nibbling on gambel oak leaf buds.  He was on a hillside only about 100 feet away.  
He saw us but didn't seem to care.  
Ouray Wildlife Refuge is another wide open place to ride.  
The sandhill cranes are back along the Green River.  Between the squawking cranes and the Canada geese, silence is in short supply.

March 11, 2014

Spring Fever

We've been getting ourselves, Daisy, and the horses in shape with lots of rides in the past few weeks.
Daisy is so excited about getting out on the trails.  She insists on carrying a halter herself as we go out to get the horses.
We went to Tabby Mountain a few times, where Daisy cooled off in potholes wherever she could find them.
A huge old pinon pine attracted Steve's attention.
In the Cedars, Daisy inspected the beaver dam and proclaimed the water fine for swimming.
Steve and Boss paused at a pond to admire reflections.
In Ouray Wildlife Refuge, we saw lots of Canada geese on the Green River, and heard sandhill cranes flying overhead.
A prairie dog peeked out of his hole,
And the wild horse herd that roams the area paused to stare at us.
Sometimes Mischief ponies along, and sometimes he just stays home.  While his compadres are being led out for a training run, Mischief maintains a low profile, hoping no one will notice him hiding out in the shed.  Is that a yawn, or is he laughing at his hard-working buddies?
He's our senior equine at 24, and he enjoys his days off!


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