March 18, 2016

Winter Rides

For the last couple of months, we've been riding in Dimple Dell Nature Park.  A 200 foot deep gulch defines the center of the park, which runs east-west for about 8 miles.  It's easily accessible from our house, with no trailering required.  All winter long, even with a foot of snow, the trails are easily followed.
Above is a view from one of the trails, facing east toward the Wasatch Mountain range.
Here's a view from a Dimple Dell trail facing west, toward the Oquirrh Mountains.
Up along the canyon rim, a barked trail has great footing in all weather conditions, as well as beautiful views.
About midway down nto the gulch, another level of trails is mostly sandy.  At the lowest level, Dry Creek flows intermittently, and many trees provide good shade in summer.
 Above is a Cooper's hawk perched above the creek trail.
A family of Great Horned Owls live near a spring that feeds into the dry creek bed.  This wise old fellow has his eyes closed, trying to get his afternoon nap.
 He seems completely undisturbed by my interest and attempt at photography.
Bikers and hikers frequent these trails, as well as quite a few horseback riders.  In winter, it's not unusual to see cross country skiers and sledders on the trail as well.  A Native American artifact site was discovered last year as the gas company did some pipeline work across the gulch.  Apparently even our distant predecessors enjoyed this area.
Dimple Dell is a unique treasure.  We're lucky that the citizens who lived here when the city of Sandy was first developed had the good sense to preserve this park in its natural state.


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