December 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Memories

We hope everyone had a grand Thanksgiving feast.
We went to Atlanta for a family gathering.  As the years go by and our kids' families grow, getting everyone in the same place for a few days becomes a rare and special event.
Seeing the little cousins interact is so cute.  These 2 kiddos are within a year in age, and they had a great time.
Whether working on I-pad puzzles or listening to Aunt Tess/Mom read about the Grinch, they were bonding in a special way.
The 4 year old leans on her older cousin, learning the joys of video games.  As it turned out, her smile was a bit fake. Those dragons on the screen were scary!
Is Uncle Eric teaching his niece about plasma physics?  Could be!  Looks like she's paying attention.
An excellent time was had by all, thanks to our Atlanta son and his wife for hosting the fun!


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