Animal Friends

Daisy is our ever faithful yellow lab, also known as Hi-Lee, for "highly gifted". 
She's always ready for a romp, follows an elk trail like she's on a GPS route, and faithfully guards her alpha, Steve, whenever he takes a nap on the trail.  She's 12 now, and slowing down some, but she still loves a hike or a short run with the horses.
Mischief, a 28 year old Arab, is the sweetest of horses, and Janie's long time favorite mount.  He has amazing endurance, loves apples, cantaloupe, and oranges, and will do almost anything for a bite of PBJ sandwich.
Cee Cee, also known as Sugar, is a 9 year old Arabian.  She's beautiful, smart, and loves to hop in the trailer to go for a ride.  She's sturdy and strong.  On a 50 mile ride, she shows no sign of tiring.
Salsa is our newest addition.  She's 13, with a very sweet disposition.  She's ready and willing to go.  We hope she will take us on many 50 mile endurance rides.


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