May 3, 2011

To Hamacker Bottom

Leaving the Ouray Hwy 88 near where the power lines cross the road, we rode over big, wide open range toward the Green River.  This BLM land has had a lot of oil exploration recently.  We passed several pumping oil wells, went around a fenced off aeration pond for well waste water, and crossed a fairly busy gravel road. For the most part, though, we saw only a couple of antelope and a few cows.
The river was moving fast.  Daisy got in near the shore and enjoyed a swim.  The horses didn't care to drink.
Boss liked munching willow shoots.
A raptor soared above us as we looped back to the trailer.

The sun shone through his wings as if they were transluscent.
The high Uintas seen in the distance are still holding a lot of snow.  The range has a snowpack that is at least 150% of normal.  Our desert ride was over mostly sandy terrain, making horse travel fast and easy.  We managed 16 miles and over 1000 feet of elevation gain and loss in 2.5 hours.  At that speed, I didn't have much time for photography.


  1. What a huge expanse of river. I love the raptor - amazing shots you managed there, Janie. Jo

  2. I just love the wide open vistas. The photos of the light shining through the birds wings is great.

    I'm glad the BLM is a little more accommodating to Daisy.

  3. Amazing landscape and what incredible open Blue!

  4. well you managed to get a few good ones. I think it will be awhile before you can get up to the high country. It's been an awfully long winter.

  5. The Green River must have been a welcomed sight for the first settlers!

  6. Looks like a wonderful remote place to ride. Boss is having a great time! :)

  7. Love that light through the wings like glowing feathers. Good to hear about a high snow pack.

    Still warm here in Del Rio, on the way home.

  8. I didn't see any trout fishermen on that river. Maybe I should talk my spouse into a trip.... :)

  9. I'd say at that speed you needed both hands on the reins!

  10. Wow! That speed, you seem to have much gained! Thanks for the wonderful photography and interesting story!

  11. Some how you always manage to give us wonderful insight along your trail rides. Thanks for sharing the wide open spaces I will never see in person.. its exhilarating, Janie.




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