May 7, 2011

Boone Ridge Loop

The BLM land near Dinosaur National Monument is a treasure trove of two-tracks and game trails, just waiting for the intrepid explorer.  We started out on the Wagon Road Bench and road north on a sandy two track. 
We wound our way through several deep sandstone canyons,
going over Boone Ridge and through Graveyard Draw. 
We rode around the White Sage Flats by way of these red hills. 
Finally we reached the Diamond Rim Road, a high and rugged track that has views in all directions.
We continued along the Diamond Rim for several miles.  Much to Daisy's delight, we found some snow at about 7300 feet elevation.  Boss and Coco enjoyed a horsey snow cone before we started downhill for the second half of the loop.  We had already gone 20 miles that day, and had 10 more to go!


  1. Yet another great place for a ride. Glad Daisy got a snow fix.

  2. A beautiful warm place where it isn't snowing! Daisy is cute in that patch of snow.

  3. What a long ride, no wonder Daisy is enjoying a roll in the snow.
    Amazing photos, Janie.

    Happy Mothers Day,

  4. The last of the spring snow? - Just curious, are you stitching your photos together, or are you zooming in, or do you have a special lens to get your great photos? Have a great week ahead!

  5. love the new header photo...Daisy is really cooling off...Happy Mothers Day Janie..

  6. I like the names of the rims, and draws and roads. I bet Daisy was ready for bed that night! Love the Header, too.

  7. Gorgeous views Janie!
    I feel like Daisy some days...looking for a snow pile to sleep in!

  8. Such strong reds, greens and blues. It's such beautiful country! Gotta love Daisy and the snow. What is it about spring snow that's so irresistible to many dogs? :)

  9. ahhh- just gorgeous! thanks for another lovely ride!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond



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