May 25, 2011

Little Hole

We began and ended our Green River hike at Little Hole. 
This spot was one of John Wesley Powell's campsites as he explored western river systems beginning in 1869.   The Green River begins in the Wind River Range of Wyoming and eventually flows into the Colorado River in southern Utah near Moab. 
The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons (Penguin Classics)

The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons 

 tells all about Powell's 1869 trip, including his original journal entries.

Flaming Gorge Dam now controls the water flow, but the Green River's path still winds through narrow canyons with swift rapids (Canyon of Lodore, Desolation Canyon) and through many miles of wild and remote terrain.
Run, River, Run: A Naturalist's Journey Down One of the Great Rivers of the West

To learn more of the fascinating history, natural history, and geology
of the Green River, read Ann Zwinger's Run, River, Run.


  1. I love your new header picture--cactus in bloom. How lovely. On Easter we visited the John Wesley Powell museum in Green River Utah. It had a lot of interesting things on exhibit and a great little video about the Green River and Powell's trip. We spent the afternoon playing at Swaysey's beach. That's the take out point for Desolation Canyon. The Green is slow and wide at that point.

  2. That looks like it could be an ok fishing spot.

  3. Oh yes! I too love that header shot. I like it when people include little historical aspects in their posts. When I come across points of interests like that on my hikes, I'll stand there trying to take myself back in time.

  4. Sometimes I try to put myself in the shoes of the early explorers. I don't have much success. Those shoes are hard to fill. Amazingly brave people back then.

  5. p.s. Janie, your header shot is magnificent.

  6. Walking in the footsteps of pioneers - very exciting:-)
    I,too, like your new header. It's good to see beasties being supported . . .

  7. Isn't it so wonderful that these early pioneers kept journals...comes in handy for the rest of us!

  8. The Green River and that area is gorgeous, Janie.... I'd love to visit there... Wow!!!!!

    Love your header.

  9. Very cool. I recognize the park service sign. Would love to visit his camp sites or some of them. One of my favorite books is "Into the Unknown," a biography of his epic adventure.

  10. Little Hole doesn't look so little. I've read a fair amount about Powell's expeditions -- I still don't know how he did all the things he did. The Green River is certainly a beautiful part of the country.

  11. Nice addition to put Powell's expedition in more perspective. Don't know too much about the Green R. Love the header!

  12. I'm sure I saw a trout rise on the bend just ahead. I'm also sure I visited that museum once taking the long way home from the Tetons. What majestic country!

  13. Beautiful header photo, Janie!

    I wonder how much the countryside has changed since the days of Major Powell...before the dam.

  14. Geez, I have two arms and would be terrified to run some of the water Powell shot through with those heavy wooden boats.



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