May 13, 2011

Mischief Steps Out

Mischief demanded some riding time!
So, off we went to Halfway Hollow, where a long straight sandy two-track allowed for a nice run.
We saw a herd of antelope, but by the time we got a camera ready, all we captured was their dust.  The antelope had already bounded over a slight hill and out of sight.
Mischief didn't care for the canyon rocks, and Coco sulled like a mule, hoping to avoid them.
Most of the ride was in sagebrush and bunch grass,
brightened by the occasional primrose or Indian paintbrush.
This pool provided a drink, but the water is disappearing already.  As the snow melts, which is at least two weeks behind, we'll ride at higher altitudes.


  1. I hope that Mischief was happy.

  2. I'm glad Mischief got out and got some exercise. I think he just wants to join in your adventures as well.

  3. Beautiful ride, Janie... I don't blame the horses for putting on their brakes.. I don't like those lose rocks either...ha

    Glad you had a good ride though. Sorry you missed photographing the antelope... Maybe you'll see them another time.

  4. Glad Mischief got a chance to kick up his heels! We saw lots of Primrose blooming in NV. UT was so beautiful when we passed through - we were having a snowstorm in Breck!

  5. Nice to see some of those spring wildflowers in the desert. :)

  6. The antelope dust made me smile, Janie. How many times have I taken a photo of...OOPS! It's gone. :)

    Our weather here is behind too but a sudden few warm days have rushed a few plants into bloom and then faded them quickly. I wish spring could be a tad more gentle.

    The primroses are white! Ours are yellow and won't be out for a while.

    I don't blamd Mischief and Coco for being wary of the canyon rocks. They look slippery to me.

  7. Yay for Mischief getting a good ride!!!

  8. I like that bit of color you found in the middle of it all. You're good at finding things of beauty along the trail;))
    Hope you had a wonderful week....and weekend. (I'm trying to catch up!)

  9. I bet Mischief was happy to get out on the trail again.

  10. Awesome, Janie, just beautiful!

    Pop over to this gals blog & view the video. Youll love it.


  11. Good morning Janie, with dawn out of sight in my part of the world, I am taking pleasure musing over Mischief and your incredible unlimited knowledge of your surrounding: name of places, wild flowers, etc. It's a pity the antelopes were gone before your camera was ready to set. At least you have the dramatic effect of the dust trail they left for you. haha. As I am closely looking at the those terrains you are following through, your blog title does justice in those specks of trails you'd passed through. I get sidetracked most of the time, so you'll wonder, where on earth I popped out from! Oh this jesty cold autumn morning mood here.

  12. Janie, what does the phrase, "sulled like a mule," mean?

  13. Interesting to see that two track vanish in the distance. A very visible trace for being so small.

  14. For Janey, re: sulled like a mule.
    The term came from the book, Lonesome Dove. I think it's in the first chapter when Gus comments that "the sun was sulled in the sky like a mule," (can't find the book right now, so I'm guessing on the exact words) meaning the sun was stubbornly stuck in the sky. The context was that he wanted to go to the shed and have a drink as soon as the sun went down, but the sun seemed to be taking forever set. "Sulled" seems to be derived from "sullen".
    Steve loves the line and uses it all the time, so it just slipped naturally into my post language. No offense intended to mules or mule owners!

  15. sulled like a mule--how interesting. Now I'm going to find a way to use that phrase. I liked the antelope dust and the primroses too. I haven't noticed any in bloom around here. I took a ride out looking for some desert blooms but didn't see any.



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