May 23, 2011

Spring on the Green

A spring walk along the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam is always enjoyable.
Daisy likes to swim,
or fetch,
or watch Steve rig up for fishing. She loves it when the fish splash.
Steve likes to stalk trout,
or beam over the handsome brown trout he brings in.  Daisy really, really wants to lick the fish before Steve releases it back into the river.
Others float downstream on driftboats.
And I just like to walk along the water, under the looming cliffs, and listen for the unique descending trill of the canyon wren.  This area is known as Red Canyon.  The rocks are Precambrian quartzite of the Uinta Mountain Group, estimated to be about 1 billion years old. 
The Geologic Story of the Uinta Mountains

For more information on the geology of the area, see The Geologic Story of the Uinta Mountains by Wallace Hansen.


  1. that is a nice place to walk, fish and raft. I've always wanted to snorkel in some of the deeper pools. Mr. J and I did some diving in Flaming Gorge when we were younger--super clear water, the best in the state. That's a nice fish Steve caught :) Have a nice day Janie.

  2. ... and the hills are alive! Awesome pictures of the valley, stream, Daisy & Steve. You so bring life alive in every photo you take, Janie. TY for sharing.

    Have a lovely week ~
    TTFN ~

  3. It's looking very pretty around there. That's a funny picture of Daisy sitting next to daddy while he gets ready to fish. :)

  4. SO incredibly beautiful!!! My favorites...the fishing pictures!!!!!!!!! Just love those!:))))

  5. Looks like a perfect spot to spend the day doing whatever you (I) would like!!!
    Beautiful trout.

  6. Oh I am with you. I would just enjoy a nice hike along the river looking at the cliffs high above and listening to the sounds of birds and flowing water. The trout is indeed a beauty.

  7. I sure would enjoy a walk along the Green River too. Its a beautiful canyon and an archeologist dream.

    Thanks for another delightful journey.

    be well and happy, Janie

  8. That's one quarter the age of the earth, plus or minus a couple million. :^)

  9. What a gorgeous place... I'd love to sit there and either nap or read!!!!!!

    Saw a movie on TV the other night and the dog in the movie loved playing in the water. I thought of DAISY...

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  11. These pictures make me think that Daisy enjoys your visits to the Green River more than either you or Steve. But the scenery is beautiful.

  12. It's hard to imagine - 1 Billion years. What a trout! No wonder Steve is smiling. I bet the fish is hoping Daisy doesn't lick it...

  13. I'm with you on the walk. Much better than licking a fish.

  14. What an amazing landscape!
    Steve looks very happy with the big fish. It would be a nice toy for Daisy too.

  15. That certainly looks an ancient landscape - lovely when the sun shines, but maybe a little menacing on dull days.

  16. love Steves fishing partner....

  17. That is a nice walk. I can't believe how clear the river is and I love that trout, I'm glad he released it, I hope that it makes it.

    My Dad taught us kids to sneak up on trout pools. Don't make noise, don't cast your shadow across the water, etc. It works.

  18. The river really looks green ~ a clear emerald green. Daisy looks like she's in her element.



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