May 29, 2011

Meet Mama Moose

After riding over a hill on Tabby Mountain WMA this week, we saw a moose about 100 yards away, staring right at us.
But what is that at her feet?
That's right.  We had met Mama and her tiny, still wobbly calf.
Moose cows are very protective and can be dangerous.  They will charge (and perhaps stomp) anyone or anything that they see as a threat to their young.
We stayed where we were while clicking our cameras, prepared to go the other way if she made any kind of aggressive move.  Daisy ran toward the moose, but we called her back and she reluctantly obeyed, no doubt thinking she'd missed a great opportunity to make new friends.  The horses saw Mama Moose but didn't seem disturbed.  I'm sure they would have rapidly retreated if Mrs. Moose had shown an inclination to charge.
The new mom must have decided we were not an immediate threat.  She collected her young one, all the while sending warning glances over her shoulder toward us.  
Then Mom and baby moved off into the brush to find a safer hiding place.
Moose will usually be found near water since they like to eat aquatic plants and willows.  This is drier terrain but provides good bedding ground for the calf and has plenty of green grass for Mom to eat.


  1. Those are some great pictures! The baby is adorable. I'm glad you didn't happen upon Mama Moose any closer.

  2. Hey wait...a moose in your part of the country? I would never had guessed. I've only seen one and that was at Yellowstone long ago. I would love to see a baby calf like this.

  3. What a wonderful sight. It's amazing that something so new and (relatively) tiny can coordinate so well.

  4. Wow, what an Awesome sighting. Didn't even realize there were moose in that part of the country.

  5. Like others, I am amazed that there are moose to be found in that part of the country. What a great sighting!

  6. What a wonderful sight to see...they are both cute. :)
    We are going to Wyoming this summer and this is one of the critters I am looking forward to seeing in person too!!!!

  7. I would have loved to see this up close and personal - beautiful
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  8. Canada has a healthy moose population yet I have never seen one. I would love to come upon a scene like this.

  9. So glad Daisy listened and didn't go closer to "visit." Great photos of the Mama and new little one.

  10. What a beautiful baby moose. Mama understood instinctively that you are no threat for them.
    These are so lovely pictures but your header photo is breathtaking.

  11. These are wonderful pictures of Mama Moose and her baby. I'm glad she decided you meant no harm.

  12. Great post. Moose have always fascinated me, they look so ungainly and clumsy but can really move when they have to.

    My mother always told me that she was taught as a child in Idaho that moose were very dangerous and don't get too close.

  13. so awesome, My dad transplanted some moose into Scofield area once. About a year later when I was out with him while he was tracking them to chart their progress I saw a momma moose with twin calves. It was very exciting. I'm so excited for you! What a great shot.

  14. Moose are the most unlikely looking creatures.

    Last time I saw a moose was when I was a kid and we were visiting Yellowstone. We got pretty close ~ close enough to take pictures ~ to a big bull moose.



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