January 30, 2014

Best Friends

Have you seen the "Puppy Love" superbowl ad?  It's sappy and adorable, and way too cute to miss!  If this doesn't make you smile, check your pulse.
Seeing this reminded me of a six week old Daisy interacting with Boss.
 Seven years later, the trust and friendship remains.
Below is a photo of a bald eagle, hanging out in a cottonwood tree near the creek, looking for lunch.  Alas, the creek was frozen, so the fishing was poor. After a few hours, he moved on.  We've seen several bald eagles in the area this year.
Last week, we had a spring-like ride on Tabby Mountain.  
No snow, dry trails, and temps near 50 at 7000 feet.  This week, we're getting much-needed snow.  Back to winter!  Maybe next month the weather will cooperate for a trip to southern Utah.


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