June 4, 2014

Deep Creek to Lake Mountain

One way to get to Lake Mountain is from Deep Creek.  This is the view from the trailhead.
We rode through meadows,
and stopped at a handy trough for a drink.
Up in an aspen grove, we found a moose antler, but no moose.
The horses took a lunch break, according to the equine union rules.
while Steve and Daisy explored around Gull Lake,
which was surprisingly low on water.  There was more grass than lake.  Marsh peak is snow-covered in the background.
We explored on the Mosby Mountain side of the lake.  Mischief stopped to eat grass and fell behind.  Daisy waited patiently for him to catch up. You can see Mischief hurrying, just to the right of center.
Coco took the opportunity to snatch a few blades of grass amongst the yellow balsamroot blossoms.  It was a Goldilocks day, neither too hot nor too cold.  Just right.


  1. Glad Daisy got to go on this one!!!!! Did you take all 3 horses ---or was that other one someone else's?????

    Beautiful area.. Love the wildflowers....


  2. It's nice that Daisy keeps an eye on Mischief. Does the Equine Union require that days be just right when going for a ride? You certainly had a beautiful day for this ride.

  3. And Daisy got to come on this one! One can see how it would be easy to get distracted by all that good grass.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  4. Just right indeed. I love the mountain views but the meadows and wildflowers..... oh my! :)

  5. I love seeing parts of the country I've never been too. I enjoy looking at mountains and the wildflowers there are so pretty!

  6. Green and beautiful. I like the last pic of coco in the yellow flowers.

  7. Love seeing those snowless high meadows already blooming yellow with Balsomroot. We made our way up the trail behind our house, still having to wade through snow this AM. It's melting, but there is still a lot left!

  8. Beautiful views all around. I'm guessing Daisy had a bit of help getting into that water trough. :) Very kind of her to wait for Mischief to catch up.


  9. I really like those shades of blue in the first photo. I'm glad Daisy was allowed to go this time as I seem to remember she had to stay home the last time you went riding.

  10. What a beautiful country. I hope the lake is not an omen of bad things to come.

  11. sounds perfect--a goldilocks day! I think that's great that you let mischief tag a long. I think the moose shed was a great find too.



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