June 28, 2014

Kid Magnet

Who would've guessed Mischief would be such a kid magnet?  The photo above was taken in 2007.  He was meeting the grandkids.
A few years later, he gave another grandchild a ride.  He likes the attention.  Kids seem to like him.
He's 24 now, but still plenty handsome.
We often let Mischief tag along on our rides.  He enjoys getting some exercise that way.
Today, as we passed campgrounds in the National Forest, kids came out to see him in hordes.  They were intrigued that he would follow us like a big dog.  Actually, it's not that unusual.  Horses are herd animals who naturally want to stay with their group.  Mischief has been with Boss for 10 years, and with Coco for 4 years, so they're well bonded.
The above photo is of some 4-wheeling kids who stopped to see Mischief.  They were thrilled when Steve allowed them to pet Mischief and feed him a treat.
At one point, we had about a dozen kids, mostly little girls, coming up to fawn over Mischief.  He seemed pleased to be the center of attention.
One little girl of about 5 or 6 asked if she could take Mischief home.
Steve explained that a horse needs plenty of hay and oats.  She thought she could handle that, with help from a big sister.
Then Steve explained that Mischief would prefer to sleep in a bed instead of a barn.  The little girl thought she could handle that, too.  Mischief could sleep in her bed.
Next Steve asked if she had a refrigerator in her room, since Mischief liked his water cold. She sighed, and admitted she couldn't provide that, at least not in her room.
Of course, Steve was pulling her leg just a little bit.
But not much.  Mischief really would prefer a bed and refrigerated treats.  Above, he's enjoying some cold watermelon.


  1. These are wonderful pictures of Mischief with the kids. Mischief certainly does seem to be a kid magnet. I completely agree with his taste for cold watermelon.

  2. Mischief is a lovely horse, seems that people of all ages would be drawn to him. Sweet pictures and commentary. :)

  3. I see daisy patiently waiting for her share of cold watermelon in the last pic. Cute grandkid/Mischief pictures.

  4. If I met Mischief I would want to pet him too! Cute story about the little girl who asked if she could take him home. ;)

  5. Hi There, We are home from a trip to the gorgeous West VA mountains --where we celebrated our anniversary... I'll be blogging about this time for awhile --since it was so special.

    I love reading about your horses... Since I know nothing about horses, I was interested in reading that they like to stay close together. what is the average life span of a horse? Mischief is great for kids --and he obvious LOVES the attention.

    Interesting also when thinking about the different personalities of your horses. It's just like HUMAN personalities, isn't it???? ha

    Congrats on your successes taking that Endurance Ride... Awesome!


  6. How sweet are your animals!!! They can be the ambassadors for all critters….it's great that kids learn to love, appreciate and respect them all.

  7. What fun. And to share with the kids. I'd be right there hopping to pet too....;)

  8. I can see why Mischief is a kid magnet because he's so handsome. Really a bed and refrigerator. ;)

  9. Mischief does have a magnetic personality. I'd rather ride a horse than a four-wheeler any day.

  10. Loved this Mischief story! And it looks like Daisy has her eye on the watermelon, too. Have a good time in Yellowstone - haven't visited there in years.

  11. I love Mischief's big eyes! He's such a handsome fellow.

    Cute story about the little girl. :D


  12. it's funny how some horses are just great with little kids - they seem to know they are different and to take care of them!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond



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