May 28, 2014

Tworoose Pass Trail

Heading up toward Tworoose Pass (no idea what the name means) provides magnificent views of Big Ridge (yep, that meaning is pretty obvious) and Lake Fork drainage.
A spring-fed trough provided a nice drink for Mischief.  He's not getting ridden much this year, but he gets his exercise by following Coco and Boss.
We came to quite a bit of snow in a Ponderosa Pine forest just over 10,000 ft.  Fortunately, critter traffic created a snow-free lane that worked perfectly for us.  We saw quite a few deer and elk on the way up, so plenty of wildlife is going through these woods.
At the edge of the big meadow, we had a nice view of Duck Mountain (another strange name, related to the Duck Lake located in the valley below).
Mischief made his buddies jealous when he enjoyed the freedom of a roll.

Before he got up, he used his back hoof to scratch his itchy jaw.
He's looking a little dirty here.  But that roll sure did feel good.
By the time we reached Baum Lake, the trail was getting muddy.  One side of the lake was rimmed with frost and snow.
When we took a granola bar break.  Mischief wanted to share.  
Then Coco wanted some, too.
Mischief is moving his lips hoping to get one more taste.
Daisy would have wanted a bite, but she had to stay home.  We thought the ride would be too long and hot for her, with not enough water holes.


  1. I always have fun looking at your photos Janie. Thank you for sharing them. Seeing Steve with your beautiful horses is a real treat and it was lovely to see Mischief taking care of that scratch. Great post!

  2. I wondered where Daisy was... I'm sure she was unhappy all day--without you all...

    The horses seemed to enjoy it --especially Mischief--rolling around in the dirt!!!! NEAT!!!

    Looks like a gorgeous ride/place --and I'm glad you had a snow-free path to ride on....


  3. A real roll and a granola roll. Life is good! Even for mischief...:)

  4. I can see why his name is mischief. What an adventure.

  5. It was nice of you to share your treat with Coco and Mischief. I think Mischief enjoys a roll in the meadow as much as Daisy enjoys a dip in a pond. I'm sure Daisy was not happy about being left behind. The scenery is beautiful.

  6. A roll in the meadow makes everyone feel younger again.

  7. how fun that mischief tagged along like that. horses do like company. I'm sure daisy was missed by all.

  8. So nice that Mischief gets to go along for the exercise. And what a great place to roll. Daisy was probably really jealous when she talked with the horses later.

  9. What beautiful scenery, looks like everyone had a nice time! My neighbor's cat like to roll around in the dirt and then tries to sneak in the house. :)

  10. I really enjoy your blog. Your photos and comments are a pleasure to view and read. It is so good of you both to bring Mischief along. He had to have been a happy horse. If I were an animal, I would like to be owned by you!

  11. I hope Daisy wasn't angry with you when she realized you were going on an adventure without her!

    Mischief does look happy rolling!

  12. Steve is going hungry sharing his bar - will have to bring a couple more in the saddle bag! That snow on the trail looks like what I'm seeing here above 10,000'.

  13. Nice to see Mischief again and glad he got to go along. Looks like it was a gorgeous day.

    Did Daisy give you the cold shoulder when you got home? Lack of watering holes is a valid concern.


  14. Your horses are living a good life….if only they all could be so lucky. So cute seeing Mischief rolling in the dirt; funny.
    Of course, the views you have a just glorious!



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