July 6, 2014

Hat Trick

Barn Swallows really like nesting around our house.  One year they made a nest on the porch.  Unfortunately, the sun's changing position caused the nest to end up getting too much afternoon sun, and the babies didn't survive long enough to fledge.
This year, we noticed a lot of activity in the garage.  A pair of swallows chose this hat collection (left here by the previous owner) as a perfect place for building a nest.
The eggs were laid, and the parents took turns sitting on them.
But they must have felt exposed, with too much activity coming in and out of the house.
They carefully placed this feather for privacy.
Ah, yes, much better.
The babies have hatched, and we've been leaving the door to the back yard open so mom and dad can come and go.  So far, so good.  Maybe this year their nestlings will fledge.
As an added treat, we've seen this Bullock's Oriole frequenting the yard.  


  1. Perfect "feather" emblem hat for the birds to choose. Hope the fledges make it this year in their hat condo.

  2. I wish these dear little parents happy nesting!

  3. Maybe the word will get out and next year some of the other hats will have residents. Start a whole new trend.

  4. What a treat to have the babies in your barn among the hats. I wish the parent swallows success raising those two babies. I love the Bullock Oriole. What a blessing to have it visiting your garden. Hope you're having a great summer, Janie. Greetings Jo

  5. The babies look so sweet! I wonder if the swallow parents will choose the same hat next time. I love the oriole. :)

  6. I guess the old real estate saying, "Location, location, location" is true for nests as well.

  7. That is so wonderful....you are two accommodating people. I'm guessing NO ONE will want to wear that hat again either. :)

  8. HI, Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We certainly did! We did have one crazy thing to happen... We have NEVER had to put up our Hummingbird Feeders at nights. BUT--this morning we saw the one in our front yard on the ground! Wooo--wonder what got into that one?????? Our fun with critters never ends! ha

    Luckily we don't have barn swallows --but we do have Carolina Wrens who LOVE to try to nest in our garage. We are constantly running them out... NOW--they are nesting in the hanging basket on our front porch. I scared them to death and they scared me when I took the plant down to water it... YIPES... ha


  9. Amazing what they will pick for nesting.... We had a successful nest on our porch three years ago...:)

  10. I hope the young barn swallows make it. They are a threatened species in Ontario.

  11. How fun for you to be able to watch the whole process right in your own garage.

  12. Very pretty Oriole. I also saw the next post of the swallow chicks growing up in their hat nest. Who wouldn't dig those hats?



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