May 20, 2014

How High Can We Go?

This time of year, choosing a ride is a guessing game involving snow levels at any given altitude.
On Saturday, we tried a ride begining at Currrent Creeek Reservoir and heading up toward Coyote Ridge. This meadow at about 8500 feet is mostly dry, with spring grass coming up nicely. The aspen are leafed out a little lower, but they haven't yet turned green here.
Spring beauty and a sprinkling of yellow buttercups dot the meadow. Bluebells bloom in marshy areas.
Daisy found a pond suitable for swimming.
A little higher, about 9200 feet, the snow is too deep for easy passage.
With a ride to the ridge ruled out, we went back to the reservoir and rode along roads until we saw this old homestead.
We didn't get too close, since the loose tin panels from the roof were blowing in the wind and loose nails were likely.  Anyone would be lucky to live in such a beautiful spot.  The house is a fixer-upper, though -- plenty of loving care needed!
No matter how long the ride, Daisy is always ready for a little quality time with her alpha.
In case you're wondering what Steve is "packing" in the holster on his left hip... it's a GPS!  He wanted to assure our readers that he does not feel the need to pack heat on our Utah trails, especially not with Miss Daisy on the job to protect us.


  1. Once again, breathtaking photos Janie, and I love the last two with Steve and Daisy, also the one of her in the water.

  2. I'm sorry the snow kept you from going higher to the ridge, but the scenery you visited is beautiful. I think I'll pass on the fixer-upper you found, even if it is in a great location.

  3. That's quite a fixer-upper! The scenery is wonderful! I always enjoy seeing Daisy along on your rides. You can tell she enjoys it.


  4. Well you do know those GPS's can be dangerous in their own way.

  5. Great pics as I've come to expect. Is there a constitutional right to pack a GPS? I hope so since I always have one close by.

  6. The new spring grass is so pretty! Wonderful images, looks it was beautiful day and a fun ride.

  7. a good days ride today. I'm glad to see that there is still snow up on top. That will be a blessing come the middle of summer.

  8. Sorry about the snow--but that gives you an excuse to go back!!!!! Looks like a great ride though --and yes, that homestead would be SO much fun to own!!!!


  9. The photographs are gorgeous and I can only imagine how lovely it must be in person. Makes me feel like I'm in an old western movie. Love the holster sans heat. Lovely land, but the house sort of looks more like a tearer-downer than fixer-upper.

  10. Packing a gps?? That is too cool!
    Daisy is such a great dog; always there by your side. What a good life she, the horses and you both are living. Love the vistas!

  11. What a place that would be to live, at least in the summer with no snow. Yet another gorgeous ride with that sweetie Daisy at your sides.

  12. Beautiful countryside that's for sure. Most enjoyable...:)

  13. Well, I smiled to read Steve was packing a GPS. I'm glad Daisy is there to protect you.

  14. I'd live in that cabin! Well, after it's fixed up a bit.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond



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