January 21, 2009

Pastoral Fairyland

Lacy frost on the grass of summer past:
The breath of winter on an equine coat:

Take heart, friends. Only two months 'til spring!

Re: previous post, Frost Crystals. Thanks to Arija for referring to my white horse as a unicorn. I've always wanted one of those! Thanks to EGTourguide for providing a scientific definition of hoarfrost, "Ice crystals formed in super-saturated air."
Several folks offered suggestions for renaming my subject matter. Tess gave me "sparkle magic." Rob calls it "winter magic." But my favorite came from Gaelyn. I hereby wave my Good Witch of the West wand and change the name of hoarfrost to "fairy frost."


  1. You know its cold country when frost go by specific names. We put a cup of water out tonight to see if it freezes. (We're in Naples, FL)

  2. Woah, fairy frost is a good one all right. That is some SERIOUS fairy frost you get out there! Here is it just thin coating, there it is almost an inch thick! Pretty though. That picture with Boss looks gloomy! Good thing spring is on the way.

  3. Great photos to this post and to My world post. Snow and horses: my favorite.

  4. The frost crystals on the grass look so beautiful; a wonder of nature to admire for a short time. I love the horse in its eerie surroundings waiting for the spring sunshine.

  5. Chilly scenes for sure but so pretty!



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