January 11, 2009

First Full Moon of 2009

The full moon rose a few minutes past sunset last night, while pink still tinted the sky. Clouds on the horizon obscured it at first and added mystery as the sky grew darker.


  1. Oooh, good shots! I went out with my camera around 11 p.m. hoping to get some good "moon-on-snow" pix but it was too darn cloudy. I should have gone out earlier when it was really bright. Live and learn

    I am giving you a Butterfly Award for your blog! Check out mine for more about it.

  2. These here is right perty pictures.

  3. Awesome series! The moon is a favorite subject of mine (as my readers last week will attest). There's a natural pull about it and you've shown us why...

  4. I was back out taking new moon shots again tonight (what, you're surprised?) so I'll have some new stuff to post soon!



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