January 4, 2009

Fun and Games

We got in a couple of interesting ski tours with Eric last week.
One was near Pigeon Water Spring, north of Roosevelt, where the view of snow-covered mountains was spectacular.

The wind was blowing stoutly, probably over 20 mph, that afternoon. When skiing even slightly downhill, the wind took care of locomotion. Fortunately, the temperature up there was in the 30's, so we didn't freeze to death.
Eric forgot the skins for his mountaineering skis, so he and Steve rigged up a substitute with rope. The engineering design worked satisfactorily, I'm happy to report.

Another day, Steve and Eric went on a tour in Indian Canyon near Gray Head Peak, an area we rode our horses a lot last fall. They reported a good, challenging run. They even saw another set of ski tracks. maybe we're not the only cross country skiers on the east side of Uinta Basin after all!
In one last holiday hurrah, Tess and Tim joined us in Roosevelt for the weekend.
Here are Eric and Tim destroying each other in chess.
Tim was in charge of adding up the scrabble scores. Not sure what the sunglasses indicates.

Our DVD player bit the dust when we tried to watch a movie. Tim performed CPR, to no avail.
No problemo. Our computer geeks set up a monitor and speakers on the coffee table and played the movie on Eric's laptop.
On Saturday, we went for a walk at 20 degrees with 15mph wind, just to keep the blood flowing and burn up all those fudge, cookie and fruitcake calories. The dogs enjoyed a good romp in the snow under blue skies.

This morning, Steve and guests greeted the sun as we said our goodbyes.


  1. Great pictures. It looks like a lot of fun with the kids over the holidays.

    And, yeah, I miss old Chester sometimes. But then Brogan and Skipper keep us entertained all the time.

  2. The sunglasses mean he is unreadable, like you'll never guess what he is going to do next in scrabble, a strategic move. :)

  3. LOL! funny pic doing CPR to the DVD player..oh, it looks like you're hving so much fun with the skiing. I haven't played scrabbles for years now and i really want to try that agian.



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