March 4, 2009

Capitol Reef and Boulder Mountain - Day 3

Steve had mapped out a ride in the Escalante area, so Thursday morning we headed that way to see what we could see.
The drive took us through Capitol Reef National Park.
We stopped for lunch with this view of The Fluted Wall.
Near the top of Boulder Mountain, the horses enjoyed a potty break while taking in the scenery, with the Henry Mts. in the background.

Then on through water and wind-carved sandstone canyon country,

and into the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
Here’s Willow Tank, near our evening’s camping spot. The horses had good water, and Daisy enjoyed a swim.

All had a nice roll in the dirt (well, Steve and I abstained, although I'm sure we don't know what we're missing). Daisy jumped back in the truck with sand everywhere, even on her nose.
Because much of the vast federal land in Utah is leased for cattle grazing, most springs near roads are tapped into stock tanks. Though I'd rather see the natural springs, the tanks are convenient.
By the time we’d located the next day’s trailhead and fed the horses, dog, and ourselves, another day was done.
Join us tomorrow for photos from Day 4's ride.


  1. Perty pics. I especially like the fluted wall. The tank does look like a lot of doggie fun. :)

  2. I added your blog to my feed reader some time ago - and I would like to say a big thank you, for allowing the likes of myself to follow your adventures.


  3. Wow Janie... I am truly in awe of your latest adventure. Is it hard to get back home and back into 'life'???? The views from Day 3 are absolutely incredible. I've never heard of those tanks before. Neat!!!!!

    Beautiful view of the night sky... Wow!!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us.

  4. This is the first post I've read on your Capitol Reef adventure - I'll have to catch up. I LOVE Capitol Reef. It is one of my favorite places. Glad you guys are having a great time!

  5. Nice seeing venus & the new moon cozying up the other night. Wasn't it Abbey that called cattle "hooved locusts?"

  6. I am so loving this journey. Too bad you couldn't find cowboy cave. But what you have seen and shown us is amazing. Oncore.

  7. I came over from Red's Groove because you mentioned one of my favorite places in the world- Captiol Reef. Highway 12 (between Torrey and Bryce) is listed as one of the top 10 most scenic drives in America and so many Utahns don't know about it!

    Make sure to stop in at the BLM offices in Escalante and they can tell you about some beautiful spots most people never see. I am hoping to do the Spooky Gulch hike at some point.

    My Senior year in Landscape Architecture school we did a project for the BLM along Highway 12 and I just fell in love with the area. Seeing it on horseback must be even more amazing!



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