March 4, 2009

Games People Play

G is for games. For gala events, games are grand. Gentlefolk don’t gloat or gasp over goals won or lost. There is neither glory nor gloom and doom in our good fellowship.
There may, however, be the occasional gathering storm…
But all ends with gorgeous accord, greeting and goodbying in grand and golden celebration.
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  1. Cute Janie... I grew up in a family who loved to play board games also. We don't play as much anymore --unless the kids or grandkids come, but I enjoy them when we do play...

    Whether it's a board game or some kind of sports---there's alot of fun to be had playing our GAMES...

  2. Oh this was a fun post...and good pictures are a great G

  3. games are good! & it's nice to see a happy family!

  4. Your ABCs are always so replete with great gatherings of appropriate words.

  5. As usual, I love your alliteration. My family are very fond of board games, and my brother and I have invented our own rules for monopoly (which is *totally* different to cheating). Unfortunately it means that we can now only play it with each other!

  6. Ah, games! Games are very important, and help to keep families close and friends, too!

    Our family used to play a lot of board games, we still do, but mainly at Christmas when we all get together.

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thanks for taking part this week! :)

  7. Amazing trip, fantastic photos.
    I like table games a lot.

  8. That's a great G game! Funny post!

    You have a great and good sense of humour. If I translate this into Dutch it is: je hebt een groot en goed gevoel voor grapjes.

  9. BTW I write also about the Oracle of Delphi this week instead of Camera Critters.

  10. Hi Janie,

    Great "G" post. I have a whole list of things that I didn't get around to posting about today. Oh well! Good intentions, there's a "g" I can get behind!

  11. lots of "g"!
    A sympathetic group of friends ...and your photos aren't gloomy ! (Lol)
    Games are a good way to grow, for kids .

  12. I just discovered your blog today with ABC Wednesday. You have an interesting lifestyle and I envy the ride you can take where you live. I used to have horses, but only in the city. Not as much riding opportunities. I'll read more about some of your riding adventures and dream. - Margy

  13. Cute pictures. Games are definitely good times. :) Except when they get a little dangerous and then the redrum comes out.... !



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