May 8, 2018

Corner Canyon

There are several Corner Canyon trailheads within a few miles of our house.  We go there for a training ride along upper Corner Canyon road, about 12 miles and 2400 feet of elevation gain.
You can see the "road" above. It's rutted and rocky in places and would be challenging for a 4 wheeler.  We've never seen a vehicle up there, although we usually see bikers and sometimes hikers.
At first the horses were scared of bikes, but they have adapted to a more urban environment and all that goes with trails near the city.
At the upper end of our ride, we looked out across the mountain vista and saw some white dots. 
With the camera zoom, a small herd of mountain goats became visible.  
Closer still, and you can see the goat's horns.
Salsa is sporting her new saddle as she looks out over the scenery.
Behind Steve and Salsa is the 11000 ft Box Elder Peak, still snow-covered down to about 9000 feet.


  1. Hi, Trying to catch up with several of your posts... I haven't been blogging much lately --but try to at least read my friends' blog posts.... I read about Steve getting a new horse (Salsa)... Very pretty horse.... What happened to Steve's other horse?

    Love seeing the bighorn sheep.. We saw some on the tops of the ridges when we were in Yellowstone one year...

    As the snow melts --you can just keep going higher and higher.... I cannot imagine HIKING up there though... ha...

    Loved seeing the family pictures...


  2. Spectacular!! We have horse riders on the trails where I live. They get very used to mountain bikers. The riders are handy during trail cleanup because they can reach the upper branches.

  3. I'm glad you can find trails to such spectacular scenery even if you are closer to city.

  4. The picture with Salsa horse contemplating the scenery is beautiful! So is the one with the snow-covered mountain peak behind Steve and the horse.
    Kudos to you for the rides on rocky terrain!



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