May 28, 2018

Red Canyon Trail

In mid-May, we made a 2 day trip down to Red Canyon, near Bryce Canyon National Park, just in time to see new leaves on the aspens.
Almost a trail
Steve had a new trail mapped out.  It was clear on the topo maps, but mostly hidden by trees on Google Earth, so we weren't sure how it would go.  Much of the trail was invisible, but as long as the forest undergrowth was clear, we were able to go in the right direction.
We finally climbed above the forest and reached a plateau.
Up high, the few trees grew sideways, a sign of a persistent wind.  From the plateau we headed toward Casto Butte, then found a forest trail traveling around it and down the other side.
There were a few obstacles that required some workarounds.
Judd Spring
The horses were glad to reach Judd Spring for a cool drink.
We encountered a few spots where the trail was blocked, but we were able to find a way around.  
Looking back after passing all the timber and reaching a civilized two-track, we could see Casto Butte in the distance.  We had traveled up one side, around it, and down the other side for about a 20 mile ride.


  1. How interesting to see the tree's growing sideways; that is some fierce wind.
    The views at the end seem well worth the 'go around'.

  2. We've been past Red Canyon several times on our way to or from Bryce, but have not done much exploring there. You have the perfect way of exploring the beauty of your area.

  3. That a long spring ride! Looks like some trees fell onto the trail. We'll be passing through UT on our way back to CO next week. Bob says it will be in the 80's where we'll stay overnight in Richfield. It's only been in the 60's at the beach!

  4. You guys continue to amaze me.



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