May 13, 2013

Spring Sings

We know spring is here when the red-wing blackbirds gather in the reeds along the creek, getting ready to set up their summer nests. 
Robins sing in the top of the aspen trees.  We didn't even see the second bird until we downloaded the photo.
A killdeer struts along the creek, looking for insects or perhaps admiring his handsome reflection.
Cushion cactus
Shooting stars,
and death camas bloom in the desert.
The foothills of Tabby Mountain are turning green,
and blue skies reflect in Birch Spring Pond at 8500 feet.  Mischief runs free while we ride.  He gets his exercise and enjoys a taste of the green grass.


  1. Isn't spring just wonderful???? Our Spring has come late this year --so that makes me enjoy it even more!!!! Love seeing all of your signs of spring there on the foothills of Tabby Mountain.


  2. Spring is springing up all over where you are.

  3. Janie, this is one of the prettiest posts yet! The redwinged black bird is just one of my very favorite harbingers of spring. I also have a Downy Woodpecker that likes my maple tree and while it was cold I put out a suet mix for him but those stinker squirrels get it first!

    Does the white horse ride with you with no rider? Or does it just stay by your truck?

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  4. Definitely sounding like spring in your neck of the woods. Nice that Mischief gets to go along.

  5. Beautiful photographs, magic views:) I am greeting

  6. Beautiful pictures!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  7. Aahhhhh Spring!!
    Don't you just feel rejuvenated.
    The cushion cactus are so beautiful. Would love to experience a landscape with those in bloom. I have white shooting stars but are so feeble. Your purples are so nice.


  8. Green up! If the birds did not sing, would spring come at all?

  9. Lovely flowers and birds, and -as always- gorgeous panoramas. Definitely a beautiful spring in your area.


  10. Spring in Utah is absolutely gorgeous. Tennessee has really greened up this past week as well.

  11. Ahhh . . . Spring in the mountains, nothing better.

  12. I love seeing the cute birds....nothing like the birds we have here. :) I'm so glad you are getting a taste of spring; it looks beautiful from your vantage point!

  13. Spring is in full bloom in the high country- how lovely it must be after a long cold winter.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world Janie.

  14. I love the Red-wing Blackbirds and I particularly associate spring with Yellow-headed Blackbirds and their electronic sounding song.

  15. Hi Janie, the desert Camus is blooming so early. Our Death Camus will bloom late July. Im soaking up the desert sun in AZ with my pals. Pool, yoga, eating - those are my exercises!

  16. Wonderful spring photographs! I can almost hear the singing.

  17. How sweet, I've never seen a red-wing blackbird in my area, maybe it's too hot here. I enjoy seeing your birds, flowers, pretty sky, green grass and reflections!

  18. Spring sure is lovely in Utah! I love those shooting stars!

  19. lovely ...just lovely!!!!!

    love the flowers and birds :)

  20. very beautiful image and post are so nice.

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  22. I am a little late getting to this post. Awesome photos of just everything!!!

  23. I was wondering how Mischief was doing. I bet he loves that spring grass!



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