September 29, 2010

Prime Time

The aspens are dressed up in autumn finery this week, and we were lucky enough to be in the mountains to enjoy them.
No gold coin glows as brightly as the yellow aspen leaves in sunlight. 
Daisy scared up a deer and a few grouse. 
The horses found green grass for a snack: 
Later, Mischief enjoyed a break in the shade while I took photos:
We rode a loop north of Strawberry reservoir, riding over Low Pass (9400 feet),
across the Little West Fork of the Duchesne, along on unnamed ridge with big views:
Guess what we saw as we traveled through the meadows? 
Yes, sheep, and lots of them.  Luckily, neither Mischief nor Coco have Boss's phobia about sheep, and he wasn't along on this ride.
We returned to the trailer in time to feed the animals and warm up some canned stew (it's true, our fare is far from gourmet, but it is quick and easy) before sunset.


  1. Janie, these photos are spectacular! The aspens are really showing off! We do not have scenery like this in Ohio, and I enjoy your images. Also enjoy reading about the horses as we no longer have horses since we retired. BTW, you guessed right, the trees in my header are aspens, taken when I visited my daughter last fall. I am leaving for a CO visit next week, I'm hoping the aspens are still dressed in gold.....but I think I'll be too late this year.

  2. Wow Janie... Those Aspens are amazing.... I love that color --and this must be the perfect time to see them. Your pictures are amazing.

    Eating that stew reminds me of all of the times which we opened up a can of PorkNBeans --while out in nature and enjoyed it.... Gag---I can't stand them EXCEPT when we are outdoors.... ha

    Great pictures, Janie... Thanks!!!!

  3. I can't get over the spectacular yellow of the aspens. Of course the mountains and blue sky are pretty spectacular as well.

  4. I could use some canned stew and pretty views right about now ...

  5. Beautiful photos, as usual! There's nothing prettier than Aspen trees in the fall.

    One year when Jack and I traveled through Colorado in October I was absolutely overwhelmed by the beauty of them. In fact, Jack finally said to me,"If you say, "Omigosh, that's SOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!" one more time, I'm going to stop the car and you can walk." Um, okay...

  6. Janie...I love all of your show us the most beautiful places....

  7. What a brilliant ride! Your hunting season garb stands out nicely in contrast to those aspens. Even Daisy is dressed up so she can't be mistaken for big game! I enjoyed going along with you.

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  9. Amazing gorgeous pictures as always. Hugs.

  10. Your hunter orange goes quite well with the golden aspens. I especially like the look down on the hillsides blanketed with them and mixed with a bit of deep green. They are turning daily here also.

  11. This is beautiful!!!
    Love those bright yellow aspen leaves.

  12. The aspens are so very bright - sunshine growing on trees.

  13. the aspen is my favorite tree--especially in the fall. Great pictures today, I really enjoyed your ride.

  14. Great photos. Everybody is wearing blaze orange except Steve. What's th deal? High spf stuff doesn't come in orange?



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