September 30, 2010

From Dawn's Early Light

We were up with the first glow of dawn to let the horses off the highline so they could graze for an hour before we saddled them.
We were camped on a hill, with this park-like view below us:
The circumnavigation of Currant Creek Peak (10,500 ft) was our morning's goal.  Here's the peak, which has communication gear up top:
We have walked to the top, but the final 100 yards is too steep and rocky to ride.
From the west shoulder of the peak, we had a view of Strawberry Reservoir, with the patchwork fall colors stretching below us:
To the west, the Wasatch Range loomed above the horizon:
Cows grazed on a hillside:
As we circled the peak, holding an altitude of about 10,000 feet, we went through several fences put up by grazing permitees.  Steve is in charge of opening the gaps. :)  Most of the fences are decent and have gaps along the trails that are easy to open and close.  This one was a little disreputable:
Steve did his best to close it after we passed through, but really, was there any point?  The fence sagged to about 2 feet high. While Steve struggled to do as the sign asked, the horses grazed and I snapped a photo of a pile of barbed wire the fence-builders had left.  It's a hazard, to say the least:
We returned to the trailer:
but decided noon was way too early to go home on such a beautiful day.  With so many mountains and valleys to explore, how could we resist another few hours of riding? 


  1. These vistas are breathtaking. That road/trail seems to wind on forever thru the park-like setting. But the gate is awful. Anybody to report it too?

    I can understand you getting in as many rides as possible before the high country is no longer accessible.

  2. Breathtaking is the word, Janie! Absolutely gorgeous vistas! I love the autumn colors -- even though I'm not really ready for fall and winter!! Really superb captures! But the gate is the pits!! Guess it's there just so you won't get to thinking that you're in paradise! Have a gorgeous weekend!


  3. That last photograph is phenomenal! No wonder you decided to ride some more.

  4. I agree, a beautiful sunshiny fall day (especially in the high country) is not to be wasted.

  5. Wow Janie... You picked the perfect weather and days to camp... I cannot get over how beautiful those blue skies are... Marvelous!!!!!

    Sorry you had trouble with that one fence... Looks like they didn't do a good job putting it up...

    Love the sunrise picture... So gorgeous!!!!!

    Thanks for taking us with you, Janie.

  6. Wow! (I'm speechless, very dramatic scenery. Snow storms can't be too far around the corner?)

  7. Absolutely stunning! Love the colors of fall!

  8. It's a very interesting blog, I must say. I like your photos very much;)

  9. Spectacular!

    I had to magnify the photo to see what the sign said, "please close the gap". I had to laugh. My Dad made the gaps so tight you really had to lean into them to close them or get some sort of leverage like a couple loops of rope between the gap pole and the post.

    Barbed wire laying on the ground like that would make him sour for a whole day.

  10. This has been a beautiful ride -- thanks for taking us along with you. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous. I agree that noon is too early to go back home. I can hardly wait to see where we go next.

  11. The mountainsides are spectacular this time of year with the golden aspen trees.
    But its ashame the workers left the dangerous pile of barbed wire. The wildlife could become seriously entangled with no escape.



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