July 31, 2011

Wildlife Jamboree

The next morning, our first full day in Yellowstone, we arose early and drove south on the Grand Loop for an expansive view of flower-festooned Antelope Valley. 
The flowers (I think they're showy goldeneye) turned the hills gold in the morning sun.  We didn't spot a bear or other wildlife, so we continued south toward Hayden Valley where we've often seen the bison herd crossing the road in the morning.  They tend to bed down along the Yellowstone River at night, then leisurely make their way across the road to the rolling hills of Hayden Valley.
Sure enough, a part of the herd was there, causing the usual traffic jam as they took their time hogging the road and observing the tourists.  No one seemed to mind the wait.   
A few people risked falling out of cars to snap photos. 
Just down the road from the bison, we came to another wildlife jam.  Tourists were standing on a hill and pointing their cameras toward Hayden Valley. We parked and joined the group to see what we could see.   
A grizzly sow with two cubs!  They were perhaps 300 yards away, but easily visible with binoculars or the camera zoom.   Mama was teaching the fine art of digging yampa roots and hunting rodents.
One cub stuck close to mom. 
The other didn't seem concerned until he fell behind considerably.  Then he hurried to catch up.
We watched until the trio disappeared into a shadowed gulch. 
On the other side of our viewing hill, undisturbed by humans or bears, a group of Canada geese swam in a regimented line along a small tributary of the Yellowstone River.


  1. Hola

    maravilla de imágenes , increíbles , he quedado sorprendida , tu entre las flores, los Búfalos, osos, hermoso paisaje.abrazos desde el sur de america.

  2. Wow Janie, that is incredible... What's not to love???? The flowers and the wildlife---life is GOOD in Utah!!!!!

  3. Funny to see the geese line up so straight. I'd really love to see that place.

  4. Awesome photo/experiences, Janie. We so loved our visit there. It is so captivating to see the wildlife so closely, after living in the city. I remember going thru Montana & the lONGhorn cattle wandering all over the freeway/roadway. Awesome, but scarey. Traffic was stopped like yours for the buffalo. Those geese are just wonderful all in unison. And, those fields of yellow ... WOW!

    As always, Janie, you photography is spectacular, your sights are fabulous & I feel as tho I am there with you.

    Thank you fo rtaking us alon g on your travels.
    TTFN ~

  5. Janie you have the best adventures.....I love that you pass them on to us....

  6. that kind of traffic is awesome...

  7. The wildflowers, bison, bears, all great. But those geese all lined up like ducks in a row was something else. How did you get them to do that? :)

  8. We often encounter wildlife jams in the Smokies, but they are usually black bears and deer. I think it would be neat to be able to see bison. Thank you for taking us along with you on your visit to Yellowstone -- I'm really enjoying the trip.

  9. So Love the photo of you surrounded by wildflowers. It appears the wildlife performed for you.

  10. You and Steve are off to a great first days viewing of the Bears, Bison and Canada geese.. my favorite view is you in the middle of the mountain flowers.
    Thanks for sharing your Yellowstone journey, Janie.


  11. How lucky to be able to see bison and bears on one day. The Canada geese look very orderly - how funny.

  12. The line of geese cracked me up.
    Love the wildflowers...they were just starting to show while we were there.
    The bears and bison are great captures!

  13. Fabulous to see the mama bear and her two cubs. Always enjoy the bison causing those traffic jams, the kind I don't mind being in. Beautiful flowers and lovely one of you sitting in the middle of them.

  14. Wow! These are great! That's nice that the bears were at a safe distance to watch them. I don't think I would want a buffalo to be so close to my car as the people in the front of the line!

  15. LOVE the photo of you amongst all the flowers.

    Ha! I guess if bison want to cross the road, they are going to gross the road!

  16. I've heard of ducks in a row, but never geese. Great photographs of such a lovely place.

  17. Those wildlife meadows are amazing!! Yellowstone is such a rich place in so many ways.

  18. I never see enough of this enchanting place. You photos are just terrific. My sons and I spent many memorable times flyfishing the backcountry in Yellowstone. :)

  19. Are you sitting in the field of flowers up Dunraven Pass here? If so, I took several photos of a very big grizzly on that hillside, snacking on the flowers and digging in the rocks he could find!



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