July 8, 2011

Into the High Country

We ride into the high country on a trail leading to Tworoose Pass. 
We go through open country,
and aspen forests,
passing a few giant spruce.
At 10,300 feet, we reach snow.
We trudge through about 50 yards of snow, some of it 2-3 feet deep, to a wet meadow on the other side.  Elk tend to hang out in meadows near the snow line.  They like to graze on the first shoots of tender spring grass.
Yes, there they are! 
Eventually, the elk see us. 
Daisy wants to play, but they don't stay around to oblige.


  1. For some reason, the elk see 'trouble' coming... ha ha ha... Guess they don't want to play with sweet Daisy!!!!!

    Great pictures.... I was so excited to see Aspens when we were in CO.. AND--we saw some huge evergreens there also. NEAT!!!!!

    Hope you all have a great weekend. Did you ever check on the Northern Flicker nest again????

  2. So many elk...so beautiful. And SO smart to not hang out and wait for daisy. :)
    Gorgeous grass everywhere!!!!

  3. That is a lot of elk...great photos...

  4. I love all the dancing aspen. Poor Daisy, no elk friends. Another great ride but sill running into snow.

  5. Such beautiful country you have. I can't say anymore.

  6. Wow...that's a lot of elk. What a fantastic sight to see.

  7. I really love those panoramic views! How do you manage to take such beautiful shots? I don't think my camera is capable of that or else I simply don't know how.

    Love that big herd of elk. I would have been thrilled to have been able to see them. Too bad they didn't know Daisy was friendly.


  8. Ah, too bad the elk wouldn't stay to play... but what a ride! Such variation!

  9. I agree with Esther, what a ride.

  10. What glorious big skies and the elk are beautiful.

  11. A great ride. That spruce really was giant! I am also finding snow at about the altitude you did. I'm fairly certain it would still be impossible to cross the peaks on the ridge as I've done other summers. Both rain and snowmelt are causing flooding here - the bike path out of Breck is under water. I didn't know Daisy was a herding dog!

  12. Poor Daisy always seems to have trouble finding someone to play with her. You rode through some beautiful forests and the elk were magnificent.

  13. I take great delight in traveling through these beautiful places you take us to, Janie. Thanks!
    Maybe someday Daisy will find a trail friend willing to play.


  14. wow, gorgeous again, love it! we're planning to haul out of here tuesday or so... i hope we're hauling up to the mountains! (though ours are a bit less spectacular than yours)
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  15. Its wonderful when you get a shot of any animal or bird or elk in your case, face on!!! Its a rarity to get such a shot!!!
    Bird Watch-Tawny Eagle
    Bird Watch-White Breasted Kingfisher

  16. the high country--finally. Maybe summer will come. love the shot of the elk.

  17. The aspens are gorgeous. Daisy looks like she had fun even though the elk didn't want to play.



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