July 21, 2011

Pining for Alpine

Finally, the snow has melted (mostly) in the high country.  The panorama above shows Lakeshore Basin.
Today, we drove to the Leidy Peak trailhead (10,800 feet) and hiked to the top of Leidy at 12,000 feet.
On June 21, our last trip to the area, most of the mountain was still covered with snow. One month later, many wildflowers have already bloomed. 
Growing on the rocky slopes,we found:
Lewisia family (same as bitterroot)
bluebells and buttercups
Parry's primrose
Moss campion
Jacob's ladder (Polemonium)
 The moon smiled over the alpine setting.  Ah, there's nothing better than a summer day in the high country.


  1. Ah---I can almost smell that high country.... Love seeing that moon up there...

    That must have been a rough hike ---UP, with all of those loose rocks.... Wow--I'm impressed...

    Glad you are finally getting up into the 'high country'.

  2. You had quite a hike, but it looks as if you had a great day for it. The wildflowers are beautiful.

  3. You really know your flowers. I am impressed along with the wonderful scenery.

  4. Hi Janie, what a beautiful header and you really do know your wildflowers. I loved this post. The rocky ascent looks rough. Good on you for enjoying our beautiful world! We were rock-hopping in a riverbed last Sunday and I thought of you! Have a wonderful day. Jo

  5. You sure have a great selection of wildflower beauty at high elevation.

  6. I love that last photo.....the flowers are so pretty....it is hard to imagine there is snow any where in July....

  7. Gorgeous flowers Janie. I really love the shot of Steve and Daisy hiking up the mountain....beautiful.

  8. Finally the snow has melted! I'm always amazed to see such ;ove;y wildflowers in what looks to me to be very dry soil. The Lewissa is lovely. I have tried to grow it in my scree garden a couple of times. It lives through the winter just fine but dies in our spring rains.

  9. What a lovely hike; your last statement says it all! =)

  10. So nice to get a good hike in--ride, in your case. Beautiful. We still have lots of snow on the mountain--8 feet accum at Paradise last I checked, but it has probably melted out more since then.

  11. Great hike! I love getting into the alpine tundra.



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