July 22, 2011

High Country Critters

As we were hiking near Leidy Peak, we heard a loud, high-pitched "eek, eek" sound, and Daisy started barking.  We rushed to where the sounds were coming from and found
a sweet little elk calf, all alone, trying to hide.  He did not want to come out and play. 
We took a few photos and then left, assuming mama elk would return for him soon.
Butterflies and bees were out in force, flitting from bloom to bloom: 
West Coast Lady
Western Tiger Swallowtail
The butterfly above seemed to prefer landing on rocks where he was well camouflaged. 
And of course our favorite critter was enjoying the day, too. Daisy likes nothing better than cooling her belly in an ice cold stream that flows straight out of a snowbank.


  1. Those are great pictures of the elk calf. I hope Mama Elk soon got back to him. I like the picture of your favorite critter as well.
    I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Yeah, that not so little elk calf is so cute. It must have been "eeking" for mom? Great photos of the insects. Now that last critter really knows how to strike a pose.

  3. Oh how neat... They are all precious --especially Daisy... But my eyes stopped at that little elk calf.. How adorable.


  4. Its so relaxing to see all these rare wildlife on your blog.
    The elk baby and the butterflies are all amazing creatures.
    And you sure know how to choose your afterword, ending always with the sweetest of all critters, Daisy.

  5. How fortunate you were to stumble upon an adorable baby elk.. it appears to be quite young to be left alone for very long.
    You captured some beautiful flowers, bees and butterflies along the trail.
    But best of all.. there's Miss 'best trail dog ever' Daisy Mae.. cooling off in the stream. Please give her a pat for me, Janie.

    Thanks again for sharing the beauty

  6. What a great find, an elk calf. And you know your audience, you can't post enough photos of Daisy.

  7. The calf is soooo darn cute. I hope Mama was not too far away...he looks so young.
    Love all the 'flutterbies'...and of course, Daisy always makes me smile!

  8. Beautiful critter shots today Janie, the baby elk was adorable and of course I had to smile at the one of Daisy lying in the puddle of water. I bet that felt good.

  9. You do see some amazing sights - how beautiful:-)

  10. Beautiful captures of the wildlife. The baby elk is so sweet! Daisy looks very happy to be cooling off in the stream. =)

  11. oh what a cutie pie....great photos Janie...

  12. That baby elk is So precious.

    We saw a lot of butterflies yesterday, but they were all too fast for photos.

  13. Who would ever want to go to a zoo when you can go into the real world?!?
    I envy your ventures out there....

  14. Whether walking or riding horses, the great outdoors has so much to offer each of us. I love how you bring your experiances to us so that we can enjoy them.


  15. What an adorable elk calf! He/she still has spots! Love the butterflies and bees, too. I've noticed more of them out in the past week.

  16. What a wonderful treat to see and photograph an elk calf! That would make my day. :)

  17. Now there's a dog who knows how to cool down on a hot day. Nice.

  18. I enjoyed both posts about your hike near Leidy Peak. The elk calf is so sweet. What a fun photo op.

  19. Beautiful country and photos, my husband and I went to Jackson Hole for my 50th birthday, one of our favorite places!



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