July 11, 2011

Strawberry Hills

We love riding the hills north of Strawberry Reservoir.  Usually the area is accessible in mid-June, but this year, due to heavy winter snowfall, access is a month late. 
At the end of June, we rode to about 9500 feet before running into a lot of snow at the base of Currant Creek Peak.
Buttercups and Springbeauty were thriving in the wet meadows. 
Glacier lilies danced in the breeze.
We rode through the woods to Willow Creek. 
Daisy found some water for a swim.  (Doesn't she always?!)
  Dark clouds hovered in the afternoon, as has become a pattern around here.  We steal our rides or hikes between monsoon thunderstorms. 


  1. The clouds are our pattern, too - the forest is really wet and green. Love all your shots, Janie, esp. of the wildflowers.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Janie... Love those Glacier Lilies... Gorgeous!!!

    What a beautiful area. We were so impressed with all of the new growth in the Rocky Mtn. area AFTER all of the snows had melted in certain areas... I am doing a blog about it tomorrow.

    Glad Daisy found a good place to swim... Hope you two didn't get wet though ---from the summer rains..

    Speaking of summer rains, we need some. It's extemely hot here now... Yuk.

  3. I'm glad the storms are far enough apart to give you a chance for a ride (and Daisy a swim). The wildflowers are beautiful.

  4. I can see why you return for this ride. Summer is late in many places. But well worth the wait when flowers like that Glacier Lily show themselves. Our afternoon monsoon storms move quickly past and leave the world fresh and sparkly. Like Daisy after a swim? ;)

  5. What incredible captures, Janie! Glad Daisy got to have a swim and I can understand why you would love to ride here! Hope things are going well! Have a great week!


  6. Your second photo is quite mesmeric - a stunning contrast between winter and summer.

  7. How gorgeous...the views...the creek...the flowers.
    And if you ever posted something where Daisy DID NOT find water, I would be shocked and disappointed. :)

  8. Beautiful landscape as always....
    I truly envy you as you are there in a so beautiful land :)


  9. So pretty.
    Was thinking of you and your trail rides/adventures when I looked at my mountain pictures.
    I cannot believe the snow that lingers.
    We have a ton up in ours too:)
    Do you ever tent out there at night? I think I'd be tempted.....

  10. I can see why you'd love riding in those hills in the summer. The scenery and blossoms look amazing and vibrant.

  11. Cool, looks like we could meet up now. It's looking very pretty.

  12. It looks kind of cool yet. Very nice scenery. I love the fast moving creek.

  13. I guess all the wildflowers will come late too...or will the season just be compressed? Glacier lilies are gorgeous!

  14. What a magnificent view in that first picture!! Those Glacier Lilies are gorgeous.



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