July 13, 2011

Petty Mountain to Transfer Spring

A ride up Lake Fork Mountain (locally called Petty Mountain, for reasons lost in the mists of time) provided views of Twin Pots Reservoir, 2000 feet below.  Twin Pots is one body of water, but it is so named because the water fills two deep holes.  Or so my Utah Place Names book says.
and forested trails with clear stream crossings.
We ended the ride at Transfer Spring. (Again, I have no idea where the name came from.)  A full trough provided a drink for the horses.
Here are some of the wildflowers we saw along the way:
Rocky Mountain Bee Plant 
Sticky Geranium
We rode 15 miles, reaching 9600 feet  on July 2.  We saw snow above that level, so we're still waiting for access to the higher trails!


  1. Another wonderful relaxing awesome ride on the trails with you, Janie. What gorgeous photos you captured. It is places I would never get to see. For this I am very grateful, be sure.

    TTFN ~

  2. Gorgeous, Janie... Love seeing that reservoir... Interesting name... Also--interesting name, Transfer Spring... Hmmm---someone needs to do some research on that one....

    Hope you will be able to go higher on the trails soon... Winter really is hanging on, isn't it?

  3. You had a gorgeous view from Lake Fork Mountain. Some of the names that get attached to places are really interesting. The wildflowers are beautiful. I can't help but wonder what you will find when you can ride higher.

  4. I really enjoy these horse back rides. Something I'll never do so, thanks.

  5. Very Petty. Er, Perty. Maybe it was a spelling error that led to the name. I'm loving your banner picture, it's so petty. Ack! I can't stop...

  6. The mountain beauty you share makes my heart smile. I wish I were there too.

    Happy trails, Janie n Steve

  7. Awesome vista that for sure. And I always like the wildflowers, which of course, are unusual varieites for me.
    As to T II's comment problem it's driving me crazy as I can't comment either on some blogs. Eblog seems to have given up on a fix. Grrrrr....

  8. ohhh! what an awesome place to hang out. I think I love it and I haven't even been! Great shots! :) Good to look at your blog again- it's been a long time !

  9. What a great view from Petty Mountain! I get such a kick out of some of the names, of places and of the wildflowers. Sticky geranium? :))

    The bee plant looks like it has pins and needles stuck into each blossom.

  10. Well to be fair, that mountain does look like the petty type. I've always prided myself in spotting character flaws in such things. But I guess when you're that pretty you can afford to be a little petty.

  11. This ride looks absolutely lovely!!!!
    Oh, the bluebells are the sweetest of all flowers. :)

  12. Good bee plant. Wonder if it's a place that packers transferred loads or switched out horses?



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