February 7, 2018

Spring in February?

2500 feet above our trailhead in Corner Canyon
Even though I haven't been posting, we haven't stopped riding.  We rode in the neighborhood and in Dimple Dell through most of the winter.  Steve has a new horse, Salsa, shown above. Salsa is wearing Easyboot Gloves, which are like running boots for a horse.
Mt. Timpanogas in the background
For the past couple of weeks, we've been riding Corner Canyon, gradually increasing our altitude as the snow melts.  As of today, the trails are snow-free up to 6900 feet on the southwest facing slopes.  That allows us to make a 12 mile round trip with a total altitude gain and loss of about 2500 feet.  A fine workout!

Utah Lake in background
It has been a great winter for riding😊, but maybe not so great for skiing. 😕


  1. Great photos! The lake and the mountain in the background are fascinating!
    Even though you ride on separate horses, your riding as a couple looks romantic. I admire you.

  2. I love the mountains in the background. Doesn't look like the Valley area that I knew way back when in the winter.

  3. So glad to see you and Steve riding in your beautiful mountains. And very glad to see back with a post. Missed you.
    Ray (Troutbirder in Minnesota)

  4. Steve and Salsa make a nice pair. The pictures of the peaks, sky & lake are captivating.Please keep your posts coming.

  5. I didn't know horses could wear boots! I was wondering about your snowpack. We're having the worst season since we moved here in 1989. The mountain is open but beware of rocks and obstacles. I seem to be falling a lot this season - not great at my age! Glad you're able to ride through the winter. Stay well!



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