July 30, 2017

Waterfalls and Rainbows

Much of the hiking in the Wasatch Mountains is a challenge for kids, but we've found a few hikes in the foothills that are short enough to be fun for young children.  From the Rocky Mouth trailhead, a trail follows a gentle stream to a waterfall. 
Our daughter an her family at Rocky Mouth waterfall

The walk is mostly shaded, so it's acceptable even in hot weather.
Frothy stream below waterfall

The hike to Big Spring, up Provo Canyon, has pretty views.

The wildflowers were blooming along a stream in late June.
Western Polemonium
Another short hike is up Ferguson Canyon.  This is an area where our boys did a lot of rock climbing in their teenage years.  The big attraction for the little kids was the Rainbow Tree.  There's no rainbow color, but the shape is right and the kids were impressed.
After a rainstorm, this real rainbow dressed up the mountain in front of our house.


  1. Nice rainbow. Great flat looking hikes. Back when the kid would go hiking with me we would encounter arches like that. I told him every time that it was the arch of doom and people that went through it were never seen again. He never believed me.

  2. Great photos of the family :) A wonderful introduction to nature for the children.

  3. How fun to explore with the kiddos. Love the 'rainbow' tree myself.



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