March 5, 2017

Winter Wonders

Utah had almost double the average snowfall this year.  The skiing was great!
Kids and grandkids joined us for a week of fun in the snow. 
Even the six year old negotiated the slopes with skill.  She was soon passing up Grandma!  Since she's still too little to handle poles, she needed a little help on the occasional short uphill trek.
Back at home, one little visitor enjoyed brushing Mischief. 
And Grandma loved reading to the kids before bed.  What greater joy is there?  None that I can think of.


  1. How wonderful that you had fun with your grandkids. Great pictures, that does look like a lot of snow!

  2. It looks as if you had a very enjoyable winter season! I'm glad you could enjoy your children and grandchildren so much.

  3. That's the key, and an incredible gift, start them early. Great photos Janie :)

  4. Oh how special... I love that photo of you reading to the kids.... NEAT....

    Beautiful snow... Wow--can't believe you have had so much when we have had almost NO WINTER at all this year... Bummer!!!


  5. Beautiful snow!! So nice that you get to visit with the grands. Don't tell anyone, but I'm so excited to be a Grandma. ONE day.

  6. Ah yes. I remember skiing... before the "golden years."...:)



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