April 16, 2016

Canyon Country Burros

The wild beauty of the San Rafael Desert never grows old.  This view of the Henry Mountains and red rock formations is a favorite.
On our first afternoon ride in Canyon Country, Daisy meets this wild fellow.  He hee-haws at her vigorously and gives us the evil eye.
That's our first burro sighting, but not the last.
 A handsome burro pair gawks at us from a meadow.
 Later, and miles farther from camp, we spot this trio, one of which appears to be a youngster.
 This is our camp, with Steve and the horses settling in.
 Daisy settles in, too.  She enjoys her Dinty Moore beef stew.  (She gets the can to lick after we eat most of it for our supper.)
At night, we hear coyotes howl.  Toward morning, we hear the burros hee-hawing loudly and close by, perhaps urging us to come out and explore.
And the next day, that's what we do.
To be continued...


  1. I had no idea there are so many wild burros. Daisy doesn't seem to be fazed by them. It's looking so green there - like spring is emerging. We sre getting lots of wet snow this weekend. We probaby have a foot and a half so far, and the forecast is for snow through Monday. I'm happy to see you out riding in that beautiful landscape. We're watching the extended forecast and when we go for Bob's checkup, we may spend a few days again at a lower (less snowy) altitude.

  2. Oh how lovely to see you, Steve, Daisy and the horses again, Janie. I've never seen burros; thanks for sharing. And of course, Daisy is my favorite! She's looking fit and healthy - sweet girl. Enjoy your safari. Jo

  3. Beautiful country -- thanks for sharing it with us. It's good to be back in the saddle with you again. I'm glad Daisy got to go along on this trek.

  4. So you all are in the Canyonlands area.... We passed by that area --but didn't stop on that trip. We truly need to get back out there... So gorgeous... Those burros were probably telling you all to 'go away---that this is there land'... ha ha

    Thanks for sharing and it's good to hear from you.

  5. My wife's relatives in western Oklahoma have several burros off BLM lands. Apparently they are excellent in protecting cattle from coyotes. They are very curious and always check us out when we go check on them.



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