September 29, 2015

Painted Landscape

Last weekend, the aspens were in their peak autumn finery. Most turn gold, but some sport a fashionable auburn color.
As we climbed the hills north of Strawberry Reservoir, we looked down upon meadows bordered by aspen and spruce.  (You can see the reservoir at the top of the photo.)
Aspen gold is particularly beautiful when backlit by the sun.
Medallion leaves cover this aspen lined trail.
The forest dwarfs a horse and rider, making us realize how small we are compared to nature's vast beauty.


  1. So glad you posted your autumn finery - the aspen leaves are spectacular in their fall colors. Ours were at peak last weekend and are now falling from the trees with each breeze. I don't think Denver has much color yet. We're going down tomorrow for the day to see the twins run cross country.

  2. Absolutely stunning Janie. It must be magical being amongst all that splendor.

  3. Just gorgeous!!!! Fall is my favorite time of year. And winter! Ok, they are tied.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  4. Utah's painted landscapes are gorgeous. I hope we can get there this time of the year some time in the future.

  5. Oh how marvelous.... Wish we were there with you to see those marvelous Aspens.. There's just nothing more beautiful..... Thanks for taking us along with you.... LOVE this post.


  6. Stunning I would say. They fill the landscape...;)

  7. How beautiful, I just love Aspens.



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