July 20, 2015

Exercise Run

One of our sons wanted a real hike during his visit.  Here he is climbing above the city on the Cherry Canyon Trail.
We cheated and rode our horses for the 4400 feet of altitude gain.
The wildflowers were spectacular.
We rode/hiked all the way to just below the rocky cliffs of Lone Peak.   
On another day, we rode in Box Elder canyon in the Stansbury Mountains and found this little gem.
It's a tiny columbine, called a Shooting Star Columbine, Aquilegia elegantula.  We had never seen one growing in the wild before. Nature is a wonder, always providing something new.


  1. What a beautiful place to exercise and enjoy nature. The wildflowers are gorgeous! I loved seeing the family photos in your previous post also. :)

  2. What a gorgeous shooting star! I see lots of buckwheat too. Glad your wildflowers are plentiful. With that much altitude gain, the horses would come in handy!

  3. that flower is a gem. The view of the mountains and from the mountains is spectacular. Are you finding a lot of new trails to ride?

  4. I'd say he got a hike. Beautiful little flower and great views for everybody.

  5. I love the wildflowers! Yep, the 4,400 altitude gain would make me want to cheat too. ;))

  6. Hi Janie, I haven't been blogging much this summer but always enjoy your posts. That sweet little columbine is GORGEOUS...I love seeing all of the wildflowers this time of year. Gorgeous!

    Your son is in better shape than we are. We have been walking an average of 10,000 steps a day for a couple of months (using our FITBITS)... Trying to stay healthy and even walking up and down these hills around here. However, our elevation change is nothing like 4400 feet. YIPES.

    Have a great remainder of summer.

  7. Beautiful columbine and views. Glad you gave E. a run for his money!

  8. Such gorgeous photographs. You live in a truly BEAUTIFUL state!

  9. We have white shooting stars & various colors of columbine but no shooting star columbine...I like it!

  10. Gorgeous views, lovely wildflowers and that little gem is spectacular!!!



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