March 30, 2014

Tabby Mountain Wildlife

While riding on Tabby, a herd of perhaps a hundred elk was proceeding us up the mountain.  We weren't trying to follow them, but they seemed to be taking the same path.
Steve took a video of the elk herd while mounted on Boss, which makes the viewing a bit unsteady.  He says in the video that the date is April 28, but it's really taken on March 28. 
You may be able to spot the herd of deer on the near hill.  They, too, were heading away from us.   
When we're not riding, we spend time with the grandkids on the Wasatch front.  Here's Steve with our youngest grandson, enjoying a day at the park.


  1. Brilliant photos, loved the video and absolutely loved the photo of Steve with your grandson. Happy Sunday to you both Janie.

  2. It looks as if your grandson is anxious to jump down and run around. He'll probably grow up to be as active as his grandparents. I love your pictures from Tabby.

  3. Cute photo of Grandpa and Grandson.... Adorable!

    Love the video... Big herd. Wonder why they changed their mind... Did you all scare them?


  4. You and Steve have things right, checking out the critters and playing with the grands.

    The Elk on the other hand if they knew your real natures they would be running toward you guys.

  5. Wonderful video! The beautiful background of mountain and sky, all the animals. Thanks for a nice
    trip out west!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  6. Oh I loved the video of the elk (deer which we wouldn't see here in Africa). I loved hearing Steve's voice and his admonishing Boss (who was the video assistant!) LOVED it. Hope you're having a great week, Janie. Oh, and Ambrose says thanks for reminding his mum to take photos of him properly next time. Greetings, Jo

  7. Great video and even greater in the park with a grandson. That's as good as it gets....:)

  8. The mountains are so beautiful with that snow still on them.

  9. That little guy is growing fast! Steve is looking pretty happy in the sunshine at the park. My grands just left - now it's time for MY break!

  10. Great photos of the elk and deer, and video of the elk herd! That had to be exciting to see!

    Cute picture of granddad and grandson enjoying the lovely spring day. :-)


  11. all your days must be spent pursuing "wildlife" including the little one in the last picture :D

  12. All of those elk, what an amazing sight! You should make a poster out of that first picture. It's beautiful.



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