March 27, 2013

Blue-Eyed Princess

We found it!  That is, our friend Bruce found it.  The rest of us just followed along.  Above, Steve is standing on a boulder, pointing to the rock art above him, protected by an overhang.  Well hidden and in a remote area, this rock art is probably seen by only a few people a year.  We felt privileged to be there.
Here's a closer view.  Both main figures have blue eyes. 
Some rocks in the area are bluish, which may have provided the color.  The pictographs seem to be in the same Barrier Canyon style as those found in nearby Horseshoe Canyon.  Barrier style rock art is estimated to be about 3000 years old. 
The larger figure wears something on her head.  We'll call it a crown, perhaps a representation of shells or beads or flowers.  Beside her is a small, faint figure. 
This may be an early manifestation of Kokopelli, a fertility god and flute-playing trickster who appears in Anasazi rock art, and later in Hopi art.   
The smaller princess has diagonal lines across her garment. 
Beside her is another faint pictograph.  This one seems to be a bird.  Perhaps a wild turkey? 
Near the rock art alcove, we found this water source.  Maybe ancient hunters hid behind the bouldere or  under the overhang until game passed by.  While waiting for dinner to show up, they may have passed the time creating the pictographs.  If you look above and to the left of a chillin' Boss, you'll see an arrow pointing to the rock art location. 
The ride was 21 miles round trip, from the Hans Flat Road to the Spur Fork of Horseshoe Canyon and back.  A couple of "gnarly" canyon passages were involved, climbing out of a steep canyon and tiptoeing over a narrow ledge above a water pool, but our horses didn't seem to mind, or even to notice anything unusual.  The high temperature was in the 30's, a little cool, but still a near perfect day. 


  1. that's unusual to see blue in a pictograph, cool. Brrr, I'm surprised it was that cold. Must not have been any warmer than here.

  2. Wow, along with that lovely rocky look... I think this place must be of great historic value. 3000 years old painting.... amazing :-)

    Lovely captures!

  3. I enjoy looking over your shoulder and learning the history of these amazing places Janie. The research must be quite time consuming.

  4. You found it!!!!! Neat-neat-neat!!!! I'm envious... That is awesome... So glad that you had someone to lead you all on the way to see that Blue-Eyed Princess....

    We finally have some sunshine today... YEAH!

  5. Very cool to find that. Interesting supposition about the water source. You could be right.

  6. A wonderful ride and an ancient art tour to boot. :)

  7. I'm glad you found her -- it was well worth the effort. I'm glad the horses didn't mind the "gnarly" passages.

  8. Do you know that a suspenseful situation coming at the end of a chapter or an episode (like yesterday's hope you find the princess) is called a
    cliffhanger???? I am so happy that you found her and her compadres!


  9. I'm thrilled (and not surprised) that you found this! I love cool. I thought I saw Kokopelli too as well as a wild turkey! (I CAN see some days)
    Kuddos to you all making this journey safely.

  10. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is incredible...not only coz u found it..but you get to travel and hike around such a wonderful area.. :)

  11. Those are very haunting images. Who knows what the circumstances were way back when.

  12. Great! The art looks like it's in protected spots, which may help explain how it has survived the centuries. How fortunate the horses did not mind the trail! They sound way braver than I am.

  13. My grandmother, Luernia Jackson Nickle, often told us of the Blued Eyed Christ or Blue Eyed Princess, depending on the foucs.

    Thanks for posting these pictures.

    I'll eventually find them.


  14. Hooray! I knew you would find it. And even more. I have goosebumps just looking at the photographs.

  15. Unbelievable ~~~ how fortunate to be able to see this art. The view from the photo with horse's angle and distance makes the art work appear to be huge!
    Thanks for allowing us to see this!


  16. wow! what a privilege! Thanks for sharing.

  17. woh, looking very ancient place, so is amazing for horse riding.

  18. blue eye wonderful ride
    photos are excellent

  19. Amazing find! So which created it? Anasazi or Hopi or someone else?

  20. The rock art in this area is called Barrier Style, which predates Anasazi, Fremont, Hopi, and any other known group. Barrier style art is thought to be 5000 to 7000 years old.



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