December 17, 2012

A Winter's Path

In mid-November, we rode along Rabbit Gulch, near Tabby Mountain.  You can see a sandy trail heading toward Tabby in the photo above. 
Pockets of water along the gulch were frozen. 
But the day was sunny and warm enough. 
The first week of December, we celebrated a granddaughter's 3rd birthday.  While we were putting together her new kitchen set, she thought standing in the sink was lots of fun. 
Back at home, a couple of escaped goats attracted a crowd.  The horses were curious and wanted to make friends. 
Snow is predicted, so maybe we'll be cross country skiing soon.
We wish you peace and love during the holidays and always. 


  1. Oh Janie, that last picture is AWESOME... Wow!!!!! I want it to snow so much --but no signs of any here...

    What an adorable granddaughter... Love that pretty curly hair and those big eyes. Doesn't everyone know that sinks are made to stand in??????? ha

    Great pictures on your ride... Looked cold though..


  2. Lovely mountain and snowy scenes. Poor Daisey had no chance of a bath.
    Three already and sweeter than ever:)

    Janie, I wish you and your beautiful Family a joyous holiday season.

  3. Your granddaughter has the biggest blue eyes -- she's adorable. I'm not a big fan of snow, but that last picture is gorgeous.

  4. Thanks for the update. Down here I can't figure it out, the calender says December the thermometer says September.

  5. Your granddaughter has the most amazing curls.

    Not enough snow here to ski on. I'm OK with that.

  6. Your grand daughter is beautiful and captivating with her riveting looks !

  7. So cute how granddaughter is enjoying the kitchen set her way!

    Pretty frosty scenery and I like the small crowd of curious horses.

  8. The photo of Steve and your granddaughter is just darling Janie, what a little treasure she is, so sweet. The scenery is amazing and I also enjoyed the top photo with the ears showing.

  9. Some gorgeous pictures there Janie . And will its snowy here in Bluff Country our Christmas will not be white visiting the Grands in Arizona for the holidays. And so joy and peace to you and yours during the holidays....:)

  10. Every season has its own beauty, and winter is no less beautiful. Your photos express it well :)

    And how are you doing lately? It's been a really long time!

  11. Wow, time flies! Your granddaughter is 3 already! What a cutie! :-)

    Such beautiful scenes, and the horses really seem interested in the stray goats. I love your snowy image. It would be delightful to be snowshoeing or cross country skiing through there.

    Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas.


  12. Love that last picture, so beautiful!

    Seeing the goats was probably the highlight of the horses' day. When it comes to curiosity cats don't have anything on horses! lol

    Such a cute picture of your granddaughter.

  13. Your granddaughter is very cute and I LOVE that she wanted to stand in the sink. :) Ah winter can be so beautiful after a snow.

  14. Wishing you and yours all good things too!
    Love that little Granddaughter and her kitchen; a lucky little lady.
    Funny about the goats....they escape around here too and are always attracting a crowd. :)
    Merry Christmas

  15. Love the ski trail through the evergreens and the snowy mountain backstopping the scrubby desert! I am happy you enjoyed Christmas with family, Janie, and am looking forward to seeing more of your pictures in the New Year.

  16. happy trails to you :) and the little one is adorable.

  17. Just dropping by to wish you and Steve a Happy New Year Janie. I did cross country today - there is finally enough snow. I skied with my Grands the week before Christmas but will stay off the slopes until the holiday crowds are gone. Hope you got snow!

  18. No snow down low in your 'hood! Love the shot of horses checking out stray goats--we had a friend whose old horse adopted a llama, they hung out together rather than with their own kind.

  19. Happy Birthday for ur granpa and cute baby is standing in place of sink in kitchen

  20. merry happy Christmas to all of you guys



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