October 2, 2011

Thompson Springs

Less than a mile north of I-70 at the turnoff to the Sego ghost town and the Thompson Wash petroglyphs, lies the town of Thompson Springs.  The 2010 census shows less than 39 residents. 
A lot of the houses look like the one above, dilapidated and possibly deserted.
This white building gives us a taste of the town's history.
The sign in front tells the story.
The town was once important enough to merit a train stop at this station.
Parking is still available, but the old sign is overgrown with weeds.
This old building still has a sign for the Desert Moon Hotel.  Someone seems to be living there and maintaining the place, but I saw no evidence that the hotel is currently in business.  A gas station near the interstate is the only viable business we saw. 
The town was established in 1890 and its importance was boosted by the coal mine in Sego, now defunct.  Sadly, although it isn't quite a ghost town, Thompson doesn't seem to have much life left.


  1. It's part of what we've been as Americans: move into a place, extract the natural resources, then move on. Even agriculture sometimes worked that way, or as my ag science/policy friend likes to call it, "soil mining".

  2. Once you mentioned the I-70 turnoff, I had to check the map. Looks like we passed something pretty neat last Sunday. We went right by there on our way to Green River after spending half the day touring the Colorado NM out of Grand Junction eager to find a place to camp. That's my excuse. Thanks for showing me what I missed.

  3. I love ghost towns. The Parks are full of them, or of the same ilk, because progress either stalled or returned to nature. They can be eerie I bet, too.

  4. Janie, you capture nature & life so beautifully! These photos are som of your very bet, love the buildings, foliage, & time. Your header is awesome!

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful week ~

  5. Lots of history there! A shame it's almost completely deserted.

  6. Seems like a rather lost little town.

    Love your fall header.

  7. What a sad little town. I love your new header photo...gorgeous!!!

  8. Yes it is sad, Janie, to see a town die like that... I look at that railroad --and think about all of the bustling activity which probably went on there many years ago...

    Great photos.. Love Love Love your header!!!

  9. Oh that IS sad. 39 residents? Hmmmm...me and my entire family (and extended) could take that town over:D

  10. Hmmm. I'm not sure which is sadder, a town that that becomes a ghost town or one that gets swallowed up by a big city where old buildings get torn down and replaced by gigantic monstrosities. Just thinking.

  11. reminds me of the town in Fried Green tomatoes...so sad to see a town with no people...

  12. It's sad to see these deserted settlement, with houses all covered with vegetation. Progress has an ugly face too.

  13. Once a bustling whistle stop for many has fallen into only 39 residents to carry on, how sad.

  14. Sad isn't the word I'd use to describe my home



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