March 23, 2011

Cedars and Cobblerocks

The Cedars (a juniper forest) near our house is finally dry enough for a long ride.
This pond is still frozen, but we hear a canyon wren singing its melody and see bluebirds flitting about. 
We see elk in the distance, and later, a group of deer.
Coco samples Steve's PBJ sandwich. 
Yes, we have yet another PBJ fan in the family.
Most of the trails in the Cedars are sandy, but some have cobblerocks.
In 350 B.C., the Greek historian, warrior and horseman Xenophon wrote a book called "On Horsemanship", in which he described a method of training that is considered the basis for modern dressage. He offered many recommendations for becoming one with a horse psychologically as well as physically, and advice on preparing a horse for warfare.  (Only here can you learn "how to mount using your javelin"!)
In a section on hoof care, he suggests keeping a horse in a paddock with hoof sized cobblerocks to strengthen the hooves.  We don't have any cobblerocks in our pasture, but riding over rocky terrain serves the same purpose.  Cobblerocks are great for barefoot hoof conditioning.
The hooves are looking good, with tough soles and strong hoof walls.   We'll be ready for rocky Uinta Mountain trails this summer.


  1. It seems almost shocking to see a frozen pond with all that sun and seeming heat!
    Happy trails:)
    How much fun is that!? And even a shared picnic on the way;)

  2. I never realized that you don't have to shoe the horses for that kind of riding. How interesting! I see just a teeny bit of snow there - I think spring has arrived.

  3. It's nice to know that those cobblerocks are good something. I didn't realize PBJ sandwiches were so popular with horses.

  4. I am So homesick for the redrock country I'd even settle with a little snow and ice. Glad Coco likes the travel faire of PBJs. Interesting bit about the cobblestone hoof conditioning.

  5. Every time I read your posts, I learn something new and interesting on horses and nature!

  6. Well, I learned something today. You are quite the horse scholar.

    If I scattered rocks around the house would my feet get stronger, or would I just get thrown out of the house?

  7. HI Janie, Interesting about cobblerocks... I have never heard that word before... I've heard of cobblestones --which I guess are smaller... Interesting what I learn from blogging. Thanks!!!

    Great pictures --and I'm glad that Coco loves PBJ as much as Steve does!!!!!


  8. What wonderful blue tones and melodies your sky has!

  9. Perty panoramic pictures. Interesting that Xeno wrote a book on horse handling giving tips on mounting with your javolin. Handy!

  10. Hi Janie, those elk didn't look to be TOO far off. I like your historical reference to Xenophon--that would be some trick with a javelin (in the days before the invention of stirrups).

  11. Who knew I would have so much in common with a horse? I too love a PBJ!!

  12. Are your horses unshod? Is it better for your rough rides? My dad always had shoes on our horses even though he used them in the mountains.

  13. so good to see yall out on the trails again...

  14. Horses like PBJ sandwiches? Hide the peanut butter!! :)



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