November 29, 2010

Forces of Nature

As we explored the mesa above Nine Mile Canyon before our descent, we noticed an unusual triangle of rocks.
Here it is up close:
And here are views taken from below:
Can you imagine how much geologic force was required to disrupt those sedimentary layers? 
The top of the mesa was once covered by an inland lake.  There are ripple marks on many of the rocks:
Steve struck a pose under a rock overhang:
This rock formation looks a lot like a picnic table:
From down in Nine Mile Canyon, we noticed the pillar standing next to the cliffs on the left:
Steve found several snakeskins, but no snakes:
The reptiles had moved into winter quarters on this cold November day.
We completed our trek with an hour to spare before sunset. 


  1. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That look s like a
    s-n-a-k-e skin!!!

    The disrupted looks like praying hands, Janie ... how awesome.

    Beautiful pics & terrain.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Wonderful shots, Janie - with Steve and Daisy standing at the formations, it's easier to see their size. I can't imagine the heave necessary to get that rock triangle positioned into the air! Do you think it was all at once or over time?

  3. Is it me or is that rock praying? It looks like praying hands. :^)

  4. That does look like praying hands... What a fabulous rock formation... AND ---YES, I can only imagine what force could have caused that.... Gads!!!!

    Love the picnic table also.... All of these rock formations are incredible, Janie. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm totally in AWE....

  5. Marydon, Robert and Betsy, I have to agree that the rock formation looks like praying hands.
    Barb, I wish I could ask a geologist what happened to upend those rock layers. Since the layers beneath it aren't too disturbed, I'm even more confused about the source of the force. Maybe an earthquake? I can only guess.
    Does anyone out there have an explanation?

  6. I love the photo of Steve and Daisy...all the photos are just absolutley beautiful...

  7. Those photos are absolutely the crashing rocks!

  8. That is an awesome geological event!! I give you an A+ for finding it. The pictures are great. I like the one of Steve and Daisy laying on the formation :) Your header and background are very festive for Christmas.

  9. The pictures are amazing and yet all I can think of is the adorableness of Daisy with her paw in Steve's hand. Aww!

  10. That rock formation is fascinating. I also like your picture of the rock containing the water ripple marks. All of these photos make your work at getting down into the canyon worth while. But then, that is very easy for me to say since I didn't have to go down and back up!

  11. Forces and beauties of nature photographed by expert eyes!!

  12. True wonders of nature. A fantastic geologist dream spot to study the forces of nature.
    Those walls do tell a watery and explosive tale after all, don't they Janie.

    Steve and Daisy look exhausted after stacking the rocks.. giggle,giggle

    Safe and happy trails!

  13. Great shot. The triangle of rocks is intriguing. What happened?

    Growing up in central Utah where geology is right there in front of one's nose and especially when I could see fossils embedded in certain layers sure made me resistant to the "young earth" people who insist the world is only about 6000 years old.

  14. Wow, that is amazing, to see geology in action like that!

  15. What beautiful rock formations! Glad you didn't see the snake.

  16. what a fun hike (looks a little chilly, but beautiful!). Snake skin is always fun to find and that triangle formation - whoa!

  17. I love, love, love these photos! They're just awesome. I love how you can actually see how the earth was altered by that incredible force of nature. Great post!

  18. What fascinating rock formations. Your photos are stunning!



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